Just Saying 09.12

If he’s not treating you right today, tomorrow will not be any different.

– GBatiste

(Vice versa too).

Friday Funnies 09.12

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I just love Grumpy Cat!


In fact, I just love cats in general!

Have a wonderful weekend all.😀

When you realise…


…that due to the week you’ve had, one of these just will not do! Therefore a mixture is required – regardless of what it tastes like. Incidentally, the two mixed tasted great.


And Breathe!

Yeah, I Have No Shame


From £59.02 to £6.30.

The moment you pray the supermarket/grocery store you shop with online regularly, does not tell you to get lost for being so thrifty!!

Acts of Kindness

New blog post on Maximus Octavian.

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Positive Quote 09.12

Good morning! Let’s create a beautiful day.

~ Unknown

Have a blessed day all.❤

Just Saying 08.12

The only time a girl should fall on her knees for a guy, is the day she ties her son’s shoe laces.

~ Unknown