He Claims To Be Suffering From PTSD To Claim Disability

be careful who you trust

*Steve claims and reasons with himself that he behaves in such a way because he is suffering from PTSD. Yeah right, pull the other one. He served in Iraq from 2008 – 2009 but was never in combat. A Specialist, which is an automatic promotion for all, he shifted ammunition from one place to the next. That was it.

He has been trying to claim disability since his time in Iraq. He’s notion was that he didn’t want to and wouldn’t have to work for the rest of his life if he clenches this ‘deal’. In actual fact, Steve had fallen off a cliff aged sixteen and suffered some injuries. He joined the army aged eighteen with a dodgy knee (now both are irritating him, surprise, surprise), the continuous headaches, and a dodgy wrist. Just before I walked out on him, he had added tinnitus (ringing in the ears) to his claim as he wants to get as much money as possible. In fact he said that the guys at D.A.V. (Disabled American Veteran), located at 476 Big Shanty Road Unemployment Office, Marietta GA, encouraged him to exaggerate his claim, as they are ex veterans themselves. If he is telling the truth, isn’t this defrauding the government? Also, he believes he will not have to pay Child Support from his disability – if it goes through. This he concluded, meant that he would no longer have to support his daughter and now his son.

Since leaving him, apart from him slandering my name amongst those who have time to listen to his dramatic untruths, I have found out a hell of a lot. Here are a few, yet he blames everything on ‘his’ PTSD which he does not suffer from:

  • Told me he had been supportive to *Amber (his other sister) when she was suffering from cancer. Turns out he laughed at her and never mentioned it again. She was absolutely devastated. Quite rightly so. I just wanted to hug her. No one deserves that.
  • He punched his sister *Anna in the jaw and almost broke it when he was eleven years old. What the hell? A woman/wife beater in the making. If my son were to do this to his sibling (if I were to have another child, which I’m not), I would march him to the nearest psychiatric unit to find out what on earth was wrong with him. I most definitely would not let it slide.
  • He was trying to control his daughter’s mother, telling her what she could and couldn’t do, and attempted to strike her numerous times so she left him – whilst pregnant. I suppose he didn’t follow through because if he had, he wouldn’t have been accepted in the army if she had reported him.
  •  He’s been torturing animals since the age of six. This is a massive sign that something is not right with him. A huge red flag.

Seriously, had I known all of this and more before the fact, he would have just seen the dust behind me. I would have run so fast in the opposite direction.

When asking his family members why they hadn’t said something to me, they said they thought Steve had changed, and when they saw me, someone mature with her head screwed on, they thought I could help him. I don’t blame them at all. In fact, his sisters – Anna in particular – I respect because they have been open with me. After all the damage he caused between us, we are talking again, but with a twist. None of us are in touch with him any more.

The only thing he’s suffering from is being a twisted, controlling, woman beating, egotistic, pathological lying, money grabbing bastard.  In a nutshell, a narcissist with a helping of psychopath and sociopath added to the mix.

(*Not their real names)

26 thoughts on “He Claims To Be Suffering From PTSD To Claim Disability

    • They never got on with him. In the beginning, he made out he was the victim and that they were always cruel to him. As time went on, I realised it was all a lie. He fabricated things about me and about them, so we all stopped talking to each other. It was his plan all along as he didn’t anticipate that we’d all get on, but we did initially. Isolation. That’s what he wanted. My family and friends were/are in the UK. See his twisted plan? He didn’t think I’d get out of it.

      Now, were all talking and have excluded him. Guess what? No more drama! No more “he said/she said” rubbish.


      • sounds exactly what i went through (am currently going through). Do you think they do this so that they are no exposed? Just crazy!


      • I’m sorry to hear of your situation.

        Yes, they do. My ex brought me to meet his family hoping it would annoy them because I’m black. I have no idea where this comes from because his father’s grandmother was African American. When that didn’t work, he started to tell me his father was calling me the “n-word”, but he didn’t. Why? He hated the fact we all liked each other. His father calls me his daughter and I call him dad. *Steve didn’t think for one minute Plan A would blow up in his face, hence last minute, lying, twisted Plan B. This is the same lunatic who demanded I give up my family and friends – which I didn’t.

        If not in touch with anyone, there will be no one to “spill the beans” on him.


  1. Sounds like PTSD was a ‘perfect’ excuse for him. (Apart from the fact he didn’t actually have it). In hooking his abusive behaviour on this peg, he’s basically telling the world “Don’t blame me – blame the army”. Classic dodging of responsibility in all senses of the word, and what disrespect it shows for all those who genuinely do have this condition.

    And Persia, I’m going to guess at the reason his family thought he’d changed. Maybe, while he was focussing his abuse on you, they weren’t on the receiving end?!


    • Yep. PTSD was the perfect excuse… or so he thought. I called him out. It simply didn’t add up. All his ailments happened before he joined the army, but sang really loud about it so they’d pay. I’m embarrassed to say I know him, because I’ve often thought of all those who are struggling to get disability, and deserve it, but have been denied. I can only hope they are not fooled by him and he doesn’t receive it. Ever.

      I’m not sure what was going on to tell the truth. But I’m sure they were relieved for a while. They had a break from him when I entered the picture. I’m sure they needed it! From what I know, he’s a complete nightmare!


  2. There are a number of people who really need the support from the government when returning from service and to hear about some miscreant deliberately defrauding those soldiers and viewing the whole thing as a business deal disgusts me. I don’t suppose it would be worth dropping a line to the veterans office? In Australia there is a tip line for reports on people defrauding disability payments.


  3. I swear if he and Kevin met, they would be the fastest, best of friends. They could plot and conspire to their content. With all the time he spent on trying to put one over on someone and get everything for free, he could have had two full time simultaneously. It turns my stomach thinking about how dishonest he is. And yet he walks the streets like he has done nothing wrong. AS Jenni mentioned, there are people who legitimately need the support… and somehow can’t get it… Yet “people” like Kevin are pulling it in like crazy. There are hotlines for all kinds of things like this in the States. Most likely one for this too. You could Google it.

    There were plenty of signs that something was wrong with him…. his slamming a fellow student’s head against the bumper of a car in school, the way he treated his cat, his jealousy over the first woman he said he loved, all learned after he already had been physically abusing me. The one he put in the hospital, how he described his own controlling behavior over one in particular, how after one woman fled the state seeking protection with her family he allowed drug dealers and addicts into her home and let them take anything of value. And then to me, the worst transgression a man could commit. The story about the youngest sister coming home and catching him standing over their mother with her cowering against the wall. He claims he never hit her. No one believes it but their mother denied it. I am sure he threatened her about it, and even if he DIDN”T hit her it doesn’t matter…. the act of putting that kind of fear into her… to me is the same thing as if he had put his hands on her.

    He floats because his own family will not let him in their homes to stay. Because he has lied to them, borrowed so much money he never will pay back, uses them, contacts them only when he needs something, and they fear that he would do to them what he did to me. What he does to every woman he has ever been with.


    • Unfortunately for you, you know first hand what I’m talking about. I read about veterans having their benefits cut when they need it the most, and this loser is helping to make matters worse by scamming. I can’t believe how alike *Steve and Kevin are. It’s frightening to know that there are many more like them.

      *Steve has cursed his family members no end – to include his parents. I’ve always told him one should never do that. He swears like a sailor in front of everyone…He’s just a disgraceful individual and I have no doubt that if he had the chance he’d hit his mother and/or father. In fact, he threatened that he would to his father one day. I was so disgusted. So I agree with you. Whether Kevin hit his mother or not, he was wrong to allow her to feel fear – especially from her own child.

      Sad, twisted individuals who thrive on making people’s lives a misery. Karma can’t come soon enough.


  4. What a jerk, another scammer and what makes me the most angry is people like him claiming they have PTSD. For us that suffer from PTSD , that is a slap in the face. I hope Karma bites him in the ass!


    • Right?! Because of him I suffer from PTSD so I know what you mean. Lots of genuine people out there, then there’s this loser. It’s frustrating to say the least. I only hope he doesn’t get it, or if he does, it’s so little that he’ll still have to work.

      Karma never forgets an address…


  5. This reminds me of my Ex. Once, when I told him I was leaving because of his anger issues and abuse, he went to a psychiatrist and got a prescription for anti-depressants. He wanted me to believe he was doing it in order to salvage our marriage.

    I later learned he was playing the victim and had plans to try and get on disability due to “depression”.

    I don’t know your situation at the moment I’m writing this, but your best bet is to go to the local domestic violence center, tell them your situation of being in an abusive relationship, etc. They might be able to provide you with transitional housing and give you some financial assistance. It never hurts to make the phone call. You might be able to escape…


    • Not you as well? I’m so sorry. My ex threatened to commit suicide whenever I told him we were over.

      They love to play victim. It makes me sick.

      I don’t live with him anymore. I’m a British Citizen and have only had my Green Card for just under two years. I don’t think I can get help, although my son is an American Citizen.

      My intention was not to go to the US to claim anything, so will feel like a low life if I do get State help. I’ll figure something out. I’m a survivor!

      Thanks for your concern and help. Much appreciated. xx


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