I Love You Forever Sociopath

I Love You Forever Sociopath by Tela Hill.


I Love You  are the 3 most powerful words, and when used together can create bonds for a lifetime. Except when spoken by a Sociopath.


A Sociopath does not feel love! Instead, love is another way of control and keeping you weak. The sociopath will tell you repeatedly I Love You, and that really means is; I must control you so do you love me? With this ‘love’ the sociopath feels is actually ownership for you. I wrote about Object Of Desire here, and this goes hand in hand with the sociopath love.

When you get involved with a sociopath and they declare their love for you, they are actually putting the blinders on you silently and methodically. Remember the endless compliments, the empty  promises of a future together, the litany of shared interests and goals, the same values, the invisible chain being placed around your soul. A sociopath has the ability…

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