Britney – The New Pawn


(This is Britney without a wig and make-up).

Firstly, I would like to thank those who have provided me with the information I have. Even without me asking for it. So much for “Persia That’s All Bullshit So No One Is Gonna Hear It“, right *Steve?

Secondly, although a victim herself without realising it, the reason I feel disgust towards *Britney is I haven’t done anything to her, yet:

  • She moved in to the Extended Stay with Max’s clothes, crib, etc in the room. The clothes stated ‘New Born’. There is no way on earth, I would move in with a man who had such a young child – a baby – let alone, with the goods still being present.
  • My things were in the room too. You could see that Max and I hadn’t been able to move out properly with all our belongings (what little we had).
  • Encourages *Steve’s behaviour such as slagging me off, whereas I didn’t encourage him to do it to his previous girlfriends/fiancées. I can’t get my head around it – regardless of what he’s told her.

cover photo

(Aimed at me, her Facebook cover photo read: “You can’t treat people like shit then expect them to love you”).

  • She moved in with him on May 24th 2013 knowing I was arriving on May 25th – the next day, to collect mine and Max’s things.
  • Is currently using things I bought with my own money. Even if Steve has told her he bought them, if it were me, I’d want a fresh start – especially when getting the goods out of storage, and seeing his wife’s belongings mixed up in everything.
  • He posted that I had droopy tits and she liked it. If he had done that with one or more of his ex’s with me, I wouldn’t have participated. In fact, he did try, but it didn’t work with me.

droopy tits 1    droopy tits 2

(Left: Posted on his Facebook page. Right: Posted on Instagram. Was also posted on Twitter. Reads as follows, aimed at me because I started to tell of what he had done to me: “Sick of ignorant bitches trying to make themselves look better by trying to make me look bad! And my real friends know better than to believe it, so frankly and firmly allow me to say, fuck you hater, get over your droopy tittied self!” Britney liked this post on all three, plus her best friend *Megan liked it on Facebook. So yet another person not knowing what is going on, but putting her two pennies worth in for no reason).

  • He posted I was abusive and turned him against his mother. She and Megan liked it. Again, I wouldn’t have gotten involved, but they both saw fit to interfere in something they know nothing about. Surely, they have their own minds to choose not to participate in Steve’s foolishness?

facebook status

(Tagging in nearly one hundred people, it reads: “For those who don’t know, I’m going through a divorce. And for those who don’t know why, she is/was abusive, mentally and physically! Any little thing that didn’t go according to her plans or design then I got in trouble, and if I didn’t give her all of my attention all of the time I was in even more trouble! It got to the point where I tried to sleep in the other room and somehow even thought I was the angry one I ended up apologizing. Now I hear she’s messaging my friends, accusing me of terrible things and trying to ruin my life and reputation, and she has been getting the police to come by as well… If you actually know me, if we are actually friends then you would know that she is full of shit, and if you need proof, message me, I’ll show you proof! She turned my own mother against me!”. Even though I encouraged him for a year telling him to have some sort of relationship with his mother, after he stopped talking to her. He loathes her.)

 She has the audacity to judge me when:

  • She’s using our marital goods. Many of which I bought.
  • Has a criminal record. Was caught shoplifting whilst 2 months pregnant. I guess this is one of the main reasons she uses Steve’s surname after just six weeks of dating, rather than her own.

criminal record

  • Doesn’t have her daughter who will be 3 years old this month so she can have the lifestyle she wants, yet although I struggle, I have my son.
  • Started dating a *Steve just one week after meeting him, even though Max was only four months old at the time.
  • Posted on her Facebook page just two weeks after they started dating that she had already had sex with him. On a separate status in the same time frame, declared her love for him.
  • Last year, after just two and a half months of dating (mid July 2013), had posted on a interracial page on Instagram about Steve “He’s my best friend. Getting married Next October”. Again, he’s still married to me, and hasn’t even attempted to divorce me. Wait a minute, I thought they were getting married in approximately five months time…?


  • Craving attention, she behaves like this…

whore 1whore 2whore 3

(Left to right: 1) Multiple question. As a guy, what would you do to her? Rough sex, kiss, cuddle, just chill or kick out. 2) Reads: “I like it hard and rough. It’s okay, I can take it ;)”. 3) Instagram after dark. Someone writes “Fat pussy tho”.)

  • Was engaged to a man who was not her child’s father when her daughter was just eight months old. Nine months later, was in a different relationship. Six months later was in a relationship with Steve. These are just a few of the relationships.
  • Started dating Steve just one week after meeting him, and got engaged just six weeks after dating, even though he’s still legally married to me.

eww! 2

Admittedly, two wrongs don’t make a right, but it’s my turn after all she’s said and done to me – regardless of what Steve has told her. For her to believe everything he says, she must be really gullible to participate in helping him to try to ruin me. When Steve tried to make me do the same with his ex’s, I told him it wasn’t going to happen. So… with a face like this, I’m not surprised she had to jump to the first person (who happens to be a narcissist, psychopath and sociopath) who made her feel wanted.

Considering Steve doesn’t like women with no hair as he claims they look like “dudes”, gapped teeth and generally all what this ‘girl’ looks like and represents, when I first saw her, I had already guessed that he was with her solely for his own benefit. She is everything I am not. For example, she needs him to love her; I do not. She’s willing to pay his way for him whilst he can’t be bothered to work; I am not.

Also, she shuns the responsibility of her own daughter, which is what he does to his own children, so he knows she will not bother him to pay Child Support and to stay in touch with his children. Unlike me. I made sure he paid Child Support to his daughter, and even before escaping from him, I made sure I informed Montana Child Support where he was for his daughter whom, he had been trying to evade.

Bottom line? Don’t judge me before you get to know me. Never underestimate my ability to find shit out. Don’t ever think I won’t bite back. I have my own shit to deal with, so don’t need someone jumping on a Band Wagon full of lies about me, trying to cause me more problems because their legs are too loose to stay closed. Make sure your own slate is clean before attempting to judge me.

Rant Over.

(*Not their real names)

22 thoughts on “Britney – The New Pawn

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  2. Ok…I seriously thought the first picture of that crazy looking britney was a joke……but obviously that is in fact a very scary, screwed up looking..ummmmm, do i say woman???!!!! 😀 wow Girl!! You have heard it many many times, but I will say it one more time, I am sooooooo glad you are away from the very worst kind of narcissistic sociopath!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You made me laugh out loud! Yep, this is what/who he tried to make me jealous with. I’m not one to compare myself, but he had the damn cheek to call me ugly!

      Thanks. Me too! 😉 xx


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