Tank Driving ~ ‘Red Letter Days’ Gift

tank driving

(Yes, this is me!).

A number of years ago, I was a fortunate and very excited recipient of one of the best gifts I would ever receive in my life. A Red Letter Days voucher for tank driving!

From the age of sixteen, my dream was to join the Army. I was absolutely gutted that my mother as my guardian, would not sign on my behalf, not even when I turned seventeen. I wasn’t even allowed to join the T.A. (Territorial Army) either. Instead, I continued my education obtaining six G.C.S.E.’s (aged sixteen) in Double Science, Business Studies, English Language, English Literature and Media Studies. I then went on to obtain three A-Levels (aged nineteen) in Classical Music, Performing Arts and Media Studies. Still, my mother didn’t want me to join, so I decided to study Music. I had played a number of instruments, to include the drums (full drum kit), trombone, piano, guitar and flute (to name a few!). However, a career advisor crushed that idea when she told me “There is no career in music or the Arts. Choose something else”. So, I went on to achieve a Bachelors Degree (aged twenty-two) in Psychology & Sociology with Politics and American Studies. I took and completed one more course – Journalism (aged twenty-eight).

My ex-husband *Matt (the first one, not Mr. Crazy *Steve, whom I am still unfortunately, legally married to) had known from the beginning of our eleven year relationship, that joining the Army had indeed, been my dream. To be honest, I’m still not sure how I would have gotten away with not wanting to fire a gun :/ ! Anyway, one day on the bus home, Matt said he had something for me, but I would have to wait until we had gotten home before he would give it to me. It wasn’t my birthday, nor was it Christmas… there was no celebration to be had, so I had no idea of what it could be. How could he say that and seriously expect me to wait for it?! So after much bantering, he gave up and handed me an envelope. I opened it and everyone on the bus was looking at me laughing! I’d gotten carried away with the excitement of what I had seen, and without realising, was screaming with joy on this crowded bus! A WHOLE day of driving tanks and being a soldier using paintball guns – YES!! My mother definitely couldn’t say no to this! 😀

The day was absolutely brilliant. As I’m only five foot, three inches, I could barely reach the foot peddles in the tank! I was smiling for days afterwards from this unforgettable experience. Words cannot describe how this gift made me feel. Matt made my dream come true as best as he could. It was the closest I had ever gotten, and I will cherish the experience forever.

I can’t believe how thoughtful Matt could be. I can’t believe how well he treated me. I did not want nor did need for anything. A hard working, gentle, loving man… who ever settles with him, is one lucky lady – providing his jealous, interfering, destructive mother stays out of it.

I have had some wonderful experiences.

I have some wonderful memories.

For that, I am grateful.

(*Not his real name)

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