Writing Process Blog Tour

On June 2nd, I was invited to carry the baton of the “Writing Process Blog Tour” by Chris Wilson at Let Me Tell You A Story. Thank you so much. It will be a pleasure to not only carry it, but to pass it on. Chris is a short story and article writer. Why not stop by and take a look?

The questions I’ve been asked are as follows:

1) What am I working on?

Real life Domestic Abuse events (financial, emotional and mental, verbal, physical and more), which were inflicted upon me by my toddler son’s father – my husband. From leaving the UK to relocate to be with him, a then, US soldier, who’s career I went on to save as he was going to be kicked out of the army, to having to return to the UK with my then twelve week old son to get away from him.

2) How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

I guess writing about Domestic Abuse isn’t so different from others who write about it too, however this is my story, my experiences. Painful, traumatic events. which open wounds which haven’t even had time to heal, wider than ever before as I explain this chapter in my life.

3) Why do I write what I do?

My aim is to let those who are suffering, and to scared to reach out, know that they are not alone. There is hope and they shouldn’t suffer in silence. Once a partner behaves in such a manner, things will never change. It doesn’t matter what type of abuse it is – abuse is abuse. I almost didn’t make it out alive, but for the fact I was pregnant, therefore, had to fight for my unborn, then later on, born son. It is imperative that abusive relationships are not given chance after chance as things will not end well. Also, if children are involved, like in my situation, it really is not a good idea to have children grow up in this environment, for they too, will grow up thinking this sort of behaviour is normal, and continue the cycle of abuse.

If my blog manages to save one person, it’s better than not saving any at all.

It is also a healing process for me.

4) How does my writing process work?

I write from the heart. My blog isn’t about trying to write professionally, it’s purely about getting my experiences across to those who need it, and to those who want to know more about the early warning signs. I don’t write anything down before hand. I just grab my laptop and start typing. Everything is stored in my head, and many events still feel like they happened just yesterday, even though I got away from my abuser almost fifteen months ago (and counting).

I will be passing the baton onto the following two bloggers:

  1. Amy Thomson at Picking Up The Pieces – This wonderful woman has too, experienced traumatic Domestic Abuse. A beautiful person, inside and out, she got away from her abuser just three months before I did.
  2. Teela Hart at Surviving Domestic Violence – Having being in a violent relationship for over nineteen years, this courageous woman’s heart has not hardened.

Both have been there for me, and have been a pillar of strength (as well as others), for which I truly am grateful for. Whether you have been in an abusive relationship or not, I think you will find that both blogs are worth following. They may help you to save a life one day.

Much love. ❤

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