Steve And Britney

both of them 2

(Please note, he did not look like this when I met him!).

I’ve known for quite some time, plus had an inkling months ago, but I hear congratulations are in order to the couple – they are expecting! Maybe *Steve and *Britney will be responsible for this child, as they already have three between them they don’t support, live with or know; she has a three year old daughter (the one she was pregnant with when she was caught shoplifting), and he has a daughter who is almost eight, but has only seen three times in her life, not to mention my son, one year old Max.

child support

(State of Georgia Child Support Portal shows as of July 27th, he is in arrears with our son to the tune of $4,015.52. As of August 1st, the amount will increase Bear in mind, the Support Order only started September 1st 2013, and he was in arrears by the end of the month).

After many promises of help for our son, he decided to shun his responsibility for a life of leisure. It was I who, last year January (2013) wrote to Montana Child Support, whilst I was still living with him, to tell them of his whereabouts. Until he left the Army on December 4th 2012, due to not being able to re-enlist as he was going to be chaptered/kicked out, I had known him to be paying Child Support to his daughter.

He is also in arrears with Child Support with his daughter.

His driver’s licence is still suspended because of the arrears, since December 4th 2013.

Maybe this time they will be responsible parents and actually raise this (unborn) child. But it is going to be very interesting to see how on earth they are going to be able to explain to their other three children (in total, even though he’s twenty-six and she’s twenty-two, they have a fourth one one on the way) that they did not care to be in their lives. I guess they’ll blame the Custodial Parents for that. Blame shifting is the key for narcissists/psychopaths/sociopaths. But I have all the messages from *Steve ill treating me and saying he will not support our son. And I am going to show them to Max when he is of age to understand them.

it's my mouth

Just like I am going to show Max the messages from each and every single one on Steve’s family members who have shunned him in favour for the new child – to include his father, step-mother, biological mother, and both his sisters – as well actual messages from them about Steve, how they slagged off Britney, etc.

Oh, and yes, he is still legally married to me.

12 thoughts on “Steve And Britney

    • Yes, unfortunately, I am. However, Britney can have him, and his family must be proud of their deranged son, who has a one year old and another child on the way by two different women – not forgetting his 7 year old daughter by another woman also. No doubt, this broke ass loser is waiting for me to pay for tge divorce, just like he wanted to stay at home whilst I went out to work to support him. Funny, hexand Britney are supposed to be getting married in October (in three months). I wonder hiw that’s coming along…


  1. I’m really confused. How can he marry someone here in the states if he is already legally married. That’s called BIGAMY and it’s illegal here! But considering he is a Narcissistic Sociopath I need to remember ‘rules and laws’ don’t apply to him!! LOLOL. Oh girl, he is a disaster…


    • I will clear the confusion. He proposed to her so she could pay his bills/rent as he left the bank accounts negative. He told her it was because I closed the accounts why he had no money. Blame shifting. She got all excited and posted about it last year July that she and he were getting married this year October. He basically fooled her, because he won’t be divorced from me by then – and he knew that. He cannot legally marry her, but it was never really his plan to begin with!


  2. ahhhhhh…that explains it! Well all I can say if she is stupid enough to believe all his lies/blame shifting etc then she deserves him. xx


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