Chuck Norris

chuck norris

When I was pregnant with our son Max, *Steve used to make references to Chuck Norris all the time. For example, Max would rest against my organs leaving me in pain, and Steve would say it was because he was Chuck Norris! When we went for the scans, Max would be kicking wildly, and eventually, you could see his elbows and feet printed on my tummy. Yep, you guessed, the Chuck Norris references and jokes kept coming! I bet he’s doing the same thing now with the child he has on the way. Nothing new there then!

baby scans

Steve also posted on his Facebook page “It’s a boy! We couldn’t be prouder!”, tagging me in. Yet, he has made no attempts to be in his son’s life. No doubt, he just wanted to feed his ego even more, acting like he was a proud father to be, so people could say what a great person he is. Narcissists will use family, even their own children to get their fix. By the time he had posted this in July 20th 2012, I already knew that he didn’t care about his children at all – to include his daughter.

deadbeat dad

I guess things may be different for a while with the new baby, but only because he of course, wants to try to prove me wrong.

I wish him luck with that, because no matter how long it takes, his true character will emerge. Nothing ever changes – except for the mask falling off – when it comes to a narcissist.

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