I Quit Smoking For My Wife And Baby

quit smoking

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In a previous post, I explained how *Steve had said from the beginning how he had quit smoking months before we even started talking. I had no reason to doubt this. Months later, after I had moved to the US, I realised he was actually still a smoker. He hadn’t quit, although he told me he had. This now explained why his clothes smelt the way they did.

Being pregnant meant that the smell would literally make me want to hurl, and I could smell smoke from what felt like a mile away.

When I confronted him about it, he told me it was only the odd one here, the odd one there, which obviously was a lie, because I started to find packets of cigarettes in his clothing when I would be doing the laundry. We argued about it and he said he was sorry for lying to me, and he promised to quit. Even my midwife had to sit him down, and told him just how dangerous smoking was for mine and our unborn son’s health. Obviously, his too.

This was another opportunity to show people what a ‘wonderful, caring family man’ he was, because he took to Facebook and posted a status saying how he was quitting smoking for his wife (me) and his unborn son, plus he had to get healthy for himself. Of course he loved it when people liked his status as well as commented… you could see the smile on his face. He was gloating to all the praises, to include those who were saying they were proud of him.

Whenever we went to a hospital appointment, my physiotherapy sessions, to see his therapist, etc, he would always tell them and anyone else who would listen, that he had quit smoking for the sake of us, when in actual fact, he hadn’t. But the praises were too good to pass up I guess, so he continued to lie.

Behind closed doors, it was a different story. He continued to smoke on the sly at first; then just openly when he would deny me food during my pregnancy and afterwards, but always had money for cigarettes and cigars.

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