I Hope You’re In Atlanta To Reunite With My Son

two faced people

His mother, 08/06/2014 13:32 – I have to say that a small (unrealistic, I know) part of me hopes that you are in Atlanta to reunite with my son. Like I say, my head knows that will never happen, but my heart still hopes. Anyway, if you want to me to call, just message me on here what time you’ll be available and I will call you back. Love you and Max very much!

Me, 08/06/2014 15:14 – I always knew you wanted me to reunite with your son. Just things you’ve said over the past year or so. Here’s my view on that thought… Things could have gone very differently had he just seeked help as I encouraged him to. I had always been there for him. So I would have quite possibly considered a reunion if:

1) If he had not (tried) to tar my name by dragging my name through the mud, announcing on Facebook ,tagging in nearly 100 people that I was the abusive one, to try to cover his tracks by acting like the victim after what he put me through.

2) He had at least tried to support his son and daughter. He has my contact details – my UK cell number, email address, US P.O. Box address, plus my Bank of America bank account details.

3) Hooked up with the skank he is with just to try to spite me. (It backfired very badly, as he wanted me to fight her for him, but I refused). And I am not calling her a skank out of bitterness – she truly is one. I mean he claimed that he was bettering himself, but when I returned with the cops last year to collect my things, there was cat poo and pee everywhere, dirty dishes, the room stank, they both looked awful, I mean come on… Plus this girl, who in turn is helping him to slag me off, has a criminal record from shoplifting WHILST pregnant and served time, who has done nothing with her life apart from work in Waffle House. This dirty thing he’s with is so uncouth, she posted on Facebook that she had had sex with him 2 weeks into their relationship for all to see, as well as posting else where that a) one morning she wanted early morning sex but he didn’t because he was going to college and, b) one day she wanted sex but he woke up without a boner. What kind of decent being talks like that for all to see?! Not to mention she’s a lot like your son… she doesn’t know her daughter nor does she support her, just so she can have the lifestyle she wants with no responsibility. According to what your son told her, he left me for her (which isn’t true of course), so what type of person is she if she is willing to be the other woman/homewrecker? I suppose once in the gutter, one will only ever find in the gutter.

There are more, but I will not go into detail. I’m sure you get the gist of it. Despite all the physical, financial, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse, had he have seeked help and not got with this tramp (I’m not even sure whether or not they’re still together), who has slept around, so quite possibly has a STD, there is a very slim chance we would have gotten back together. Slim, because once the abuse starts, it generally never stops. But a chance none the less.

He ruined any chances of us saving our ill-fated marriage. Which is a shame because I married him to stay with him for the rest of my life (not for a Green Card as I have my own country and could of gotten one on my own merits anyway). We had our own little family and things could have and and would have been beautiful had it not been for him. I would have supported and loved him until the day I died had he just gotten the help he clearly needs.

After everything, if I got back with him, I’d be nothing more than stupid. Stupid I am not.

The shame he has brought upon himself is more than enough for me not to take him back. The disgusting whore he’s with is enough for me not to take him back. I wouldn’t touch him after she has. No way.

My family and friends would probably form a lynch mob for me. There is no way they would tolerate me taking him back after he left his then, 4 month old son and wife homeless, broke and hungry. We’re still homeless and broke. I cannot even afford where I am staying now, and just pray I find the money to pay for our stay here. One of Max’s Godmother’s paid for our return tickets for me to come here to sort things out.

Child support only trickled in for 8 weeks from his job. I have no idea what has happened. Max still needs diapers, food, clothes. I cannot have your son as my son’s role model for they cycle will continue.

If it’s any consolation, the tiniest part of me wishes your son and I could have the chance to sit and talk to see what we could come up with. I do understand where you are coming from. Without sounding full of myself, I am and will always be the best thing that ever happened to your son. I was the one who offered him a decent path to walk down whilst I held his hand, helping him along the way. My hands are tied.

His Mother, 08/06/2014 16:40 – And may I say that is the only reason that I held out hope. But then, I always thought I could help his father, and we had a good life for a few years, but it didn’t last. Nobody deserves to be treated the way Steve treated you

 I have been so proud of you for the strength you showed, although I know it couldn’t have been easy, to build a life for you and Max. My son has burned his bridges and doesn’t appear to care, does he? I’ll be praying things turn out well for your plans.

Three weeks after this conversation, she befriended *Steve’s girlfriend *Britney.

Under a picture Steve posted after apparently doing Britney’s hair, his mother wrote “Way to treat your woman son! How did it turn out?”.

What a two-faced hypocrite.

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