My Father Has Another Child, But Walked Away


According to *Steve, his father has another child out there – in addition to that of he and his two sisters. Having rested a hand on one of Steve’s shoulders, he coldly said:

“Son, sometimes you just have to walk away.”

Never made an effort to be in that child’s life. Never paid Child Support either.

And now, he is encouraging Steve to do the same by condoning his behaviour, as is the rest of his family.

If what was said is true, then I guess all I can say is… “Like father, like son”.

His father must be well proud.

9 thoughts on “My Father Has Another Child, But Walked Away

  1. Like father, like son indeed. Disgusting attitude for them to have, Persia. My son’s father hasn’t bothered with him either. If you’re anything like me, you find it impossible to understand why a parent would make that choice – and it *is* a choice.

    My violent father never bothered with me after my mother left. Knowing what I now know, I’m thankful for that 🙂 If *Steve isn’t man enough to be a dad, he’ll be the loser – not you or your son.


    • I absolutely agree. They are both disgusting alike. *Steve has a daughter by a different woman who he doesn’t support and isn’t in touch with either. Yet his current ‘girlfriend’ is pregnant. Three children, by three different women. The girl who is pregnant for him has another child by a different man, but she doesn’t support nir see her own daughter either. And although, quite rightly, like you, I find it impossible to understand, at the end of the day, the children are better off without these people in their lives.

      None of us in this situation (which we did not create) are the losers. We have to stay strong, if not for ourselves, but for our children.

      Much love.😘

      Thank you for your support.


  2. There’s no helping some people right? Every cloud has a silver lining – you ‘n Max are both better of without him in your lives! Shame people like that are allowed to breed though, right? :/


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