The Love Of His Life

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How many times can you say “The love of my life”? I thought that no matter how many relationships one has, it is not possible to apply this sentence to each and every one of them. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. Maybe it’s lost it’s meaning. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, I know I’ve only had one out of the two relationships I’ve ever had. I loved *Steve (please note past tense), but he was never the love of my life. It was in fact  my first husband *Matt. Always has been. Always will be. It was a different kind of love. I can’t explain it, I can only feel it. However, it’s not to say I won’t get another shot in the future. I just know Steve was never it.

Steve on the other hand, can go from one love of his life to the next, to the next without hesitation. I’m guessing it’s because it is impossible for him to feel love at all. This is what I’m talking about…

the love of his life 1

Steve’s Facebook post to my family, friends and I on November 20th 2012 – “how come people i have never met, who are only associated to me through the love of my life, most of which i have never met,have literally done more for me and mine than people that are my “friends” and “family”! shout out to Ricky N, VJB, CT, FS, my mum in law, my Sisters in law, my Father in law, my Gran in law, MB and DB! Love you peepers!!!!

Just eight months and a eight month old son later, he posts this on his Facebook to *Britney

love of his life2

“Today marks four months that I have been with the love of my life, and in these four months we have barely fought, overcome trials, gotten a home together, been used by a homeless couple together, created inside jokes, jointly disliked people, made friends, I became friends with some of her friends… In these last four months, I have actually lived, and for the first time, the life I am living is really nice, really good! Thank you Britney for making every day, the best day of my life, just by being the amazingly beautiful and chaotic woman who showed me that it was alright to be myself, I love you baby!!!”

Let me just point something out here. He said the same old crap to me about his life being really good for the first time, etc (yawn!), when I was paying for everything and before I started to question certain things. How I saved him. How I showed him it was alright to be himself. Nothing will ever change.

Déjà vu indeed.

8 thoughts on “The Love Of His Life

  1. About 10 years ago my brother dated a woman, who informed me he was ‘her soul mate’. I soon discovered that she was cheating on him with my (now ex) husband, whom she claimed in letters was “her soul mate”. When she split up with my brother (leaving him devastated – he didn’t believe me, even when I showed him the love letters she’d written!) she met and married someone within 3 months, announcing not surprisingly, he was her soul mate. Within a year she’d divorced him and found another soul mate. I’ve never known anyone “so lucky” to have found so many soul mates. And there was me naively thinking you only got one per life time…….


    • Good grief, what is wrong with some people? I’m sorry you and your brother experienced what you did. This woman sounds like she has serious issues – just like my (ex) husband. Honestly, it is ridiculous. And those encouraging these ‘beings’ to behave in such a way are just as bad.


      • I was fascinated that despite everything she had done to both myself and my brother, she still thought we were friends, to the point she invited my husband and I to the wedding! Occasionally I wonder how many more ‘soul mates’ she’s been through in the last 10 years. Amazing.


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