Real Or Fake Message?

never underestimate

After talking to CJC’s father on (via phone) on Monday, June 9th this year, he had required my mobile/cell number. The next day, Tuesday June 10th, he contacted me and asked for the address of where I was staying. I don’t have my own transport, so he and Step Mother would have to come to me for them to be able to meet my son Max for the first time.

They had apparently not seen nor heard from Steve in three years. It wasn’t until I had heard this, that I gave my location details.

Out of the blue, I received the following private message from his eldest sister MT via her father’s Facebook account:

His Father, 10/06/2014 20:27 – Persia, It’s MT…Dad wanted me to let you know that Bear contacted him on here, and has not changed. He was saying that all the horrible things he said to us 2 years ago were “mostly true” and not apologetic. It seems to us that he is just trying to recruit us all back for team CJC and we are all tired of it. We all want to be clear that we aren’t taking anyone’s side, all the bad stuff that happened went on when we had been cut off from you guys. We are here now, to be a family and protect each other and be there for Max. Dad wants to be honest with you and let you know that we heard from Bear and send you a copy of our response. This has been so hard on all of us and we just can’t take the drama any more and we are hoping to be able to move forward and know Max with no agenda on our part. Here is a copy of the response we all wrote together to send him

(Please note that “Bear” is CJC’s childhood nickname).


 complete opposite

Is this a coincidence or what? And it sure as shit is a change of tune from MT being my main informant, cussing both CJC and FE. Also, it changed from three years via phone since they’d heard from him, to two years in this message.

So this is the message they had “written together” relating to a previous post “Rude Message“, copied, pasted and sent to me on June 10th…

Today His Father 1:23pm His Father


First of all let me say this: you were not the reason I was in the hospital. I chose to go in of my own accord. This was for the good of my grandbabies, who are and will always be, the center of my life. Their well-being is paramount to me and I knew that if I took the right steps I could be in a better position to care for them. So thank you for your obvious concern for my health but rest-assured, your Step Mother and your sisters were here for me throughout and I am better than ever.

Second, I was saddened to see that even now you cannot go without blaming others for your actions. I don’t mean this is in a cruel way, but as your father I am going to be as blunt and honest with you as you chose to be with me. Persia did not force you to cut your family off. You chose to do that. You pitted this family against one another and when that no longer gave you the thrill you desired, you chose to cut all ties. That was you, Son. You can’t blame anyone else for your actions anymore. It’s weakness to do so and I won’t waste my time listening to it.

Third, you will no longer use other family members in a bid for my affection or sympathies. Your mother and the relationship I had with her is none of your business. Using her as a scapegoat every time you need someone to hold hands and commiserate with is not going to work. If you cannot respect the women in your life then do not mention them at all. A real man would never throw his mother under the bus in a desperate attempt at making himself feel vindicated. And may I just add that a few years ago it was actually *Dawn who you compared to your mother in defense of Persia and now you are comparing Persia to your mother. Perhaps Son, you have a messed up view of women and should seek counseling for it.

Fourth, you sent me this last message and said “…that doesn’t mean what I wrote wasn’t for the most part true…” and that is where you have lost a chance at moving me to accepting my son back with open arms. The things you said were not true. Period. This family has loved you deeply and sincerely for your entire life. That doesn’t mean that we will kowtow to you, or allow you to manipulate our feelings in accordance to whatever drama is currently taking place in your life. I did my best for you as a father and I have apologized for what shortcomings I have. Despite what you may believe, I spent the majority of your childhood working my fingers to the bone for you and your sisters. A true alcoholic can’t even lift their head off the kitchen table to save themselves from drowning in their soup, let alone hold down the kind of jobs that I have worked. So take your lies and your excuses, pack them up with your cruelty and call them your family if you must. Until you can apologize to everyone in this family and mean what you say, save your breath.

You will always be loved, Son. You are our Bear and every single person in this family has shed tears at the loss of the sweet and gentle boy we remember. If you truly want a reconciliation then it’s up to you. As the Patriarch of this family I will speak up as the representative of your Step Mother, Anna, *Amber, their husbands, and your Mother, as well as my grandchildren. You need to take a look at your loyalties and the hurt you have caused to the people who have loved and still love you unconditionally. However, as a family we will not be treated with the disrespect and cruelty you have shown to each of us and as a father I take no sides. We will not be dragged in to any further drama between you and Persia or even Dawn. Your Step Mother and I will continue being grandparents to your children in whatever capacity we are able. The pride we felt for your honorable service to this country should have been obvious to you with the letters, care packages, the trip to Montana with you, the co-signing of your vehicle (which by the way was orchestrated and accomplished only through the love of your Step Mother who’s face you spat in) and all the other ways we tried to support you and show you our affection. Until you can treat your own children and care for them as is your responsibility as a man, I cannot go further in a relationship with you. That is not to say that you cannot try contacting the other members of the family, but understand that this letter is from your family. If the day comes when you truly wish for a relationship with us, we will be here. Same as we always are and always have been. Drama-free, honest, loyal, and filled with thanks-giving. You are in our prayers and we will always love you.

His Father, 10/06/2014 20:28, (sent to me from Anna via his father’s account) – We want to be honest with you, so you know that we have no ulterior motive to being in touch with you, and Dad has no ulterior motive in meeting up with you. None of us mentioned that you are in town to him.

don't have to remember

Real or fake message? I ask because shortly after this, one by one his family befriended CJC, as well as his pregnant girlfriend FE who they all said they wanted nothing to do with. Not to mention, he certainly is not treating “his own children and care for them” otherwise he wouldn’t have had his driver’s licence suspended since December 4th last year, nor would he be in arrears with payments. (He currently owes $4,779.61 for his son alone plus this months payment in addition).

I’d like to point out, there was nothing honourable about his service. Well, maybe in the beginning (I cannot say as I was not around), but sure as hell not at the end. One can read all about me saving him from being kicked out of the army.

So his father’s grandbabies are they centre of his life? Funny that, because I don’t get that impression at all. He may make more of an effort with the one on the way, by the son he must really be proud of, who has three children by three different women, who knows? Miracles are known to happen.

To add to this, MT’s change of tune and her saying in a nutshell, that we weren’t allowed to talk about the bad things CJC has put me though, and how we must put it in the past and move on, did not sit right with me. So the next morning, Wednesday June 11th, I asked when did her father receive this message from CJC. It took her a full eight hours to get back to me saying that it was sent in April this year, but her father didn’t see it until Monday June 9th.

MT had forgotten what she had said to me the day before about when the message was seen. She had actually told me the message was seen the same day they had informed me that CJC had been in touch which was Tuesday June 10th. Now she was saying it was the day before I had given his father my address.

I guess it was fake. Just like them.

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