I Should Have Kicked His Ass And His Mother’s As Well

pretending to be nice

*Steve’s father had asked me if I knew of his whereabouts. I told him what I knew, which was that he was in Marietta, Georgia. To be brutally honest, I couldn’t care less where he was at the time of this conversation, just like I couldn’t care less now.

His Father, 19:54, 12 Dec 2013: Well let’s see what we can find out. His ass will be in jail very soon if he doesn’t start supporting his children.

Me, 20:01, 12 Dec 2013: I know. Child Support told me.  The worst thing is I told him to pay what he could and if he was having a difficult month financially,  to let me know. That way he wouldn’t have to make a payment for until he’d sorted himself out. This was AFTER what he’d done to me. He said an amount he could afford.  I said OK. He never paid a dime, so unfortunately,  I had to take “the law” route.

Me, 20:01, 12 Dec 2013: I’ve tried to work with him, but he says I’m taking advantage of him even though he owes me $15,000.

Me, 20:02, 12 Dec 2013: I know I’ll never see that money. I’ve just given up with him.

Me, 20:03, 12 Dec 2013: What would you say to him if you did find him?

His Father, 20:05, 12 Dec 2013: That is something I need to study on. I view him as a sorry ass, deluded, immature, manipulative child, who does not, and never had an excuse to deal with his family the way he has. I would go as far as let him beat the hell out of me, just to prove to him how dasterdly he has behaved. But, only once.

Me, 20:09, 12 Dec 2013: Oh my…

Me, 20:11, 12 Dec 2013: I really wish I could have helped him. I loved him and was ready to stand by him through thick and thin. He just didn’t want to be helped. Hus treatment to me was so poor, I couldn’t begin to explain the pain he has caused and inflicted upon me.

Me, 20:11, 12 Dec 2013: *His treatment

His Father, 20:08, 12 Dec 2013: He was raised to do what is right, because it is right, and leave the consequences to God. That has not changed.

Me, 20:13, 12 Dec 2013: He didn’t like the way I made him send his daughter presents. I tried to get him to work things out with you guys. He told everyone on Facebook that I turned his mother against him – even though they didn’t and still don’t get on.

Me, 20:13, 12 Dec 2013: His current “fiancee” doesn’t encourage him to do what’s right, and he likes that.

His Father, 20:12, 12 Dec 2013: He was spoiled. I should have kicked his ass and his mothers as well. If anything I am guilty of being too, gentle with him. No mas!

Me, 20:17, 12 Dec 2013: He’s so spiteful to me after everything I’ve done for him – to include saving his army career as they wanted to chapter him for not meeting tape, being rude and lazy. I begged the First Sargent to let him work out his contract.

Me, 20:18, 12 Dec 2013: I’m the reason he was able to leave once his contract expired and not be kicked out.

Me, 20:20, 12 Dec 2013: I loved him so much,  I fought for him and got the army (so to speak) to back off and leave him alone. They even gave us Tricare to June 2nd 2013, even though he left the army December 4th 2012.

Me, 20:22, 12 Dec 2013: They had said he wouldn’t necessarily get it. But I explained to the first Sargent that I was pregnant and we’d be homeless sooner rather than later and couldn’t pay for medical care.

She took pity on me.

Me, 20:23, 12 Dec 2013: We become homeless anyway,  sleeping in the car in Walmart Parking Lot.

Me, 20:24, 12 Dec 2013: No one can say I didn’t try! I almost lost my sanity helping him, and returned to England half the woman I was and very broken.

Me, 20:25, 12 Dec 2013: With literally just the clothes on my back which included his hand-me-down clothes.

His Father, 20:22, 12 Dec 2013: Do you want justice or revenge?

Me, 20:26, 12 Dec 2013: I asked him to send my Psychology degree certificate to my PO Box along with my graduation book. He said his fiancee threw them away. How spiteful can someone be?

Me, 20:26, 12 Dec 2013: Now I have to pay for another one and I can’t afford it!

Me, 20:27, 12 Dec 2013: I’ve been asked this question before…

His Father, 20:23, 12 Dec 2013: And?

Me, 20:28, 12 Dec 2013: God says I have to forgive him. Although I’m trying my best,  I have no choice but to leave it in God’s hands. Revenge would make me as bad as he. I cannot seek revenge.

His Father, 20:31, 12 Dec 2013: Well said. However, revenge is best saught through living well. Believe me, I grew up on the hard streets of New York with poor excuses for parents, survived combat and graduated magna cum laude, in spite of my parents hurtful treatment. That felt so good. Put him out of your mind, there is no justice. Just Max, who has family who love him, without condition. Move on for his and your sake, promise you we will come along for the ride:-)

pretty words

Max “has family who loves him without condition“, eh? That’s why I made all the effort for them to be in my son’s life. Not once during nor after my pregnancy did they try. That’s why when they found out Steve and *Britney are having a boy, they decided they didn’t need Max in their lives after all, as he won’t be the only blood grandson any more.

Oh well. Their loss. But then again, this family are very good at not dealing with their responsibilities, lying and being deceitful.

4 thoughts on “I Should Have Kicked His Ass And His Mother’s As Well

  1. Wow. This is enlightening. It really is a great thing to open yourself up and give an honest assessment of situations. This is inspiring I hope to see you writing for yourself again.


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