According To Statistics

women shot dead

“Nine women are shot dead every week by their husband or intimate partner.”

I believe after all the abuse I endured, that I would have been one of these women had my (ex) husband owned a gun. I mean, he did try to strangle and suffocate me with a pillow on numerous occasions – during and after my pregnancy.

The number is probably higher than nine, but even if that figure was one, it is still one too many.

I’m not sure what can be done to stop this madness (Domestic Abuse/Violence as a whole), but I know this; I will continue to spread awareness and fight the fight.


2 thoughts on “According To Statistics

  1. I can relate! I sent my ex to jail for making me a slapbag w a strength of a puch. He retaliated after I slapped him for confirming my understanding of the way he’s been treating me that I am only in his life to repay my mistakes and the only thing I can completely do that is when I die. He uses love as weapon to punish you when he ain’t happy with the way you are serving/doing tasks for hm. I had to run for my life otherwise my relatives wud be in my funeral if I didn’t untangle myself from him, legally.


    • Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry you have suffered. You got away, which many don’t. Getting away from him was definitely the right decision. I wish you the all the best with your healing journey, and hope you have people you can rely on – even if they’re just a shoulder to cry on. Stay strong.
      Much love. x


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