Hi Grammy!


(I’ve blocked her real name).

Everyone, this is *Steve’s mother. Yes, the one I cut ties with, along with the rest of the family back in June, due to their back stabbing, hypocritical ways. She started following me on Google+ on September 1st ~ a little over two months after I stopped communicating with her, and blocked her and the others on Facebook and Twitter.


So this is a message to her, and I suggest this:

Go stalk *Britney who now calls you “Mom”, despite you wanting me to reunite with your crazy, wife beating, abusive son Steve at the same time you befriended her. (Click here for part two on some of the abuse I endured, which is one of the main reasons I left him). The same son who shouted at a ten week old baby (our son Max) because his upset stomach was making Steve unable to sleep. The same son, who doesn’t even support the two children he already has by two different women, yet he has third child due with a criminal. You and the rest family must be so proud!

And whilst you’re at it, calling her “Sweetie” and saying how she has a “Beautiful smile”, don’t forget to tell her that Steve has anger issues because of me ~ just like you told me that he has anger issues because of *Dawn, his daughter’s mother.

Rather than watching what I’m doing, perhaps you and Britney should sit down an have a wonderful conversation about her stint in jail for shop lifting whilst pregnant for another man (twenty-two and has two children by two fathers… her slackness fits in well with your own family), whilst you can tell her how you surfed the internet and found men to use for money – just like you apparently left Steve’s father in debt, not to mention you wiped out your current husband’s funds who is over twenty years older than you.

I guess this is where Steve get’s that part of his attitude from, thinking it’s better to date women older than him, so they will look after him financially and otherwise, whilst he does nothing. But it didn’t work for him though, because none of those women would put up with his shit – to include me. And that is one of the reasons he ended up with what his eldest sister *Anna calls “A Gap-Toothed Beast“.

Let me tell you a secret. Come closer to the screen so I don’t shout it out. I’m sure what with the façade the whole family puts on, you wouldn’t want this out in the open…

You’re ALL bat-shit crazy!

6 thoughts on “Hi Grammy!

  1. Oh ma gawd, you have GOT to be kidding me?! Are they for real?? She warns you off, cuts you down and then wants to add you on google+? Guess the apple didn’t fall to far from the Batpoop tree then, huh?


    • I’m not kidding! Crazy, right? And this is what I mean when I say that family is a big fat mess! I’m just glad I’m away from them, getting on with mine and mt son’s life. At least my son doesn’t have to endure their crap like I have had to!


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