Just Saying ~ November 25th


“You can’t keep hurting a person and expect them to keep loving you.”

8 thoughts on “Just Saying ~ November 25th

      • Good point. Perhaps I’m a bit too much of a pessimist sometimes. We usually do have the choice to do something about getting hurt.


      • So what about the abuse I endured from my (ex) husband? Someone who I was supposed to be able to trust? I don’t believe I had a choice in that – nor did many of those who have experienced abuse!
        But, you are entitled to your own opinion and I have to respect that right.


      • That’s why I said “usually”. You are correct that a lot of people don’t have the choice to walk away. I’ve never experienced abuse, so I’m not sure I even am entitled to an opinion about it….


      • Yes, you did say usually. I definitely saw that.
        I’m so glad you haven’t and genuinely hope you never do. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy.
        Of course you’re entitled to your opinion. Freedom of speech and all. It is difficult to know how someone feels if one hasn’t been in the said situation before.
        I appreciate that you have taken the time out to read a post (or two) of mine and to make a comment.


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