You’re Not Single


I remember when I changed my status on Facebook to ‘Single’ last year, *Steve’s mother had a lot to say about it. Despite her son having a wife he had abused (me), and a child who was only four months old (Max) when he entered another relationship, she was not happy that I stopped acknowledging our relationship.

In fact, in a nutshell, she had actually told me I had to wait for her son.

Yes, the stupid bitch went there.

So whilst Steve is there shoving his penis into and impregnating anything with a pulse, she wants me to put up with it, sit back and wait until he was finished and ready to come back to me.

Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have ‘mug’ written on my forehead – in fact I am absolutely positive I don’t. So why on earth would I wait for my abuser to be done with his life, then take him back into mine, only for me to have to build mine up again in a few years time? And may I add, this is after he’s had an additional X amount of children with X amount of different women.

glue and chapstick

Even at the end of the conversation, whereby I stressed to her that I walked away from her son because of his abusive ways, and that I no longer loved him, therefore would never get back with him, she still insisted that I should not list my status as ‘Single’. See what I mean about bat-shit crazy?

It’s OK though, because she is now ‘best friends’ with Steve’s pregnant girlfriend Britney, so here is what I have to say to her…


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