Britney and Steve ~ Update


That’s right – these two are now parents to a fourth child between them in total.

*Britney is twenty-three with two children by two different fathers, and her first child is being looked after by someone else.

*Steve turned twenty-seven two weeks ago, and has three children by three different women. He is arrears with Child Support. As the new child was born in October, it means he was a father of three by the age of twenty-six.

The twist? Our son Max is only ONE year old!


Steve used to call me ugly

…I feel sorry for the child having to look at these faces every day.

13 thoughts on “Britney and Steve ~ Update

    • Yep, exactly! And she had the audacity to interfere and defend him with all the crap he was saying about me on social media. Example: that I have droopy tits, as if she’s seen them! However, I’d rather have droopy tits than that face!

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      • Wait….what grade are we in again??? They are talking shit like that on social media, how lame is that!?
        Id say she needs to be dragged behind a truck, but it’d probably make her prettier somehow….what a couple of COMPLETELY ugly losers.


      • Yep. They sure were. Hence one of the reasons I started to write about her. She also changed her cover photo on Facebook for me… “You can’t expect someone to love you if you treat them like shit”. She knows nothing of what has happened. This is why he’s still with hee – for now. She laps up his bullshit, whereas I don’t. Wanting me to do the same with his ex when he and I were together, I refused. I’m not in the school playground. I have no time for that.
        I don’t think anything will help her. No surgeon (or two) skilled enough.
        And they are just that… losers.

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  1. ok which one is the psychopath they both look sick in the head. And my ex did the same thing tell lies to her and she believe and tried to protect him like he was her son really sick people, but the funny thing they live 4 blocks from me and she look like hell. And he treat her worst then he ever did me and that something because he tried to kill me by putting a knife in me throat. And she as sick as him. wish you and your son happy holidays.


    • It seems to me, that they both are. I don’t understand the whole “jump on the band-wagon” thing, because if they can do it to us, they can do it to them.
      I’m sorry your ex put a knife to your throat. Awful experience that I sure am glad you’re away from. Thank you for sharing.
      Happy Holidays to you too.
      Have a wonderful day. x


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