Mummy, Mummy…


This was my little boy Max on Friday just before I rushed him to A&E/ ER.

He was throwing up for an hour before I managed to get him out of the house – but not before dressing him and him being sick all over his clothes and coat, so I had to change him again.

However, on the morning of Friday 26th December, I noticed he was struggling to smile. (Although he was sick, he still tried! ❤ ).

My baby was barely moving. His lips had a hint of blue to them.

I burst into tears. He faintly said “mummy, mummy…”, reaching out to me to give me a cuddle, to cheer me up.

According to the doctor, he had been sick for a week. Something I did not notice, as he was his usual, cheerful self, running around like crazy. He was eating, drinking water and juice ~ everything seemed normal. How was I to know? It was so upsetting not to be able to realise what was going on, but there were no signs. This day was the worst of it, and I was told he should be well in no time.

It was airborne. I wish people would cover their frigging mouths when coughing and sneezing. This is the sort of shit that happens when they don’t. This is why I let it rip to those whom I catch spreading their germs.

Should he ‘pass’ or throw up again I was given Dioralyte to add to 200ml of water, which replaces body fluids  and salts lost during illness. Max hates it and refuses to drink it, adding a very firm “No” to throwing the cup away.

Needless to say, he has me running around after him again, telling me off if he thinks I’m not doing something the way he thinks it should be done.

I am so relieved he is well again.

My sweet little angel. ❤

15 thoughts on “Mummy, Mummy…

  1. Awww, BIGGEST GET WELL HUGS to little Maximus the Great…
    I’m so sorry Persia, for your heartache and struggles through the holiday…he is on the up and up now? Im sending him all of my Boudicca today. ALL OF IT.

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