Mary Had A Little Lamb



Yes. This is what he thought he had done to me.

Almost, but not quite.

For you see, I am stronger than he, because only a weak person would try to tear a person down for no reason.

But what he didn’t anticipate was my strength. For I lived and breathed long before he came along, and guess what? I still continue to live and breathe without him now.

He did nothing for me. He does nothing for me.

He did nothing for our son. He does nothing for our son.

And one day, when Max is older, he will know of everything that happened when he asks about his father and his father’s family. Not by my mouth, but simply by all the written and pictorial evidence I have saved.

I guess to a certain degree, I ought to thank Steve for showing me the strength I never knew I had.

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5 thoughts on “Mary Had A Little Lamb

  1. Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    What a strong and vibrant person you are sugar. You were dealt a bad hand and you took the power to fight it. You are a winner and you will always be so.


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