I Bid Thee Farewell, 2014

I must admit, I have come across some wonderful people on WordPress, who have helped me with my journey along my healing path. Americana Injustica is definitely one of them. She is a beautiful, strong, creative individual. I am blessed to know her.

“Persia is raising a gladiator son, Maximus, on her own, in freedom these days” ~ Americana Injustica

Americana Injustica

2014 has brought me things that I never could’ve imagined receiving last year – most notably: a new family.
This is going to come off as super lame to most of my readers because we aren’t mushy are we? But guess what? When it comes to this ONE thing…I’m a total marshmallow.
On January 5 of 2014, I was suicidal; I had just been released from a 48 hour “shoelaces watch” at the local EPS facility; I was not necessarily at “rock bottom” (I still had a roof over my head and some cash in my pockets, no drug addictions actively hunting my veins, so I had that going, I guess), but I had given up on myself and my future and my daughter and hers. I had lost HOPE.
I did not open a blog with the expectation of finding answers or peace, support or any of the kindred…

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