One Year Anniversary


One year already?!

What did I think I was going to achieve from blogging? Honestly, I have no idea.

I cannot express just how much writing about my traumatic experiences has helped me.

Others sharing their experiences with me, has helped me too. It’s made me realise that in reality, I am not to blame with the way some chose to treat others (my (ex) husband in particular, as well as his family). I’d like to think that I have helped and encouraged others too, as I definitely didn’t go into this thinking about only myself.

I would like to thank the lovely Elaine L once again for helping me to get started on one of the greatest paths I will ever walk along in my life ~ the Path of Healing.

I cannot forget the wonderful Kasita M from the Domestic Violence Centre I was referred to by my wonderful doctor. She has listened to me and has held my hand since June 2013, and still continues to do so to this day.

Now for my WordPress Family.

I have come across the most amazing people on here. Along this Path of Healing, people from all walks of life have become regular readers of my blog, giving me words of encouragement. Their support has been phenomenal. Please know I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you all.

However, the following have left me flabbergasted by the sheer lengths they have gone through to ensure my safety, to help me to keep going when I felt all was lost ~ and then some. What makes them so outstanding, is that they didn’t know me prior to my joining WordPress, yet showed such dedication in helping me:

Amy at Picking Up The Pieces and Teela Hart

The two messaged me (as often as required), and made sure they were at hand to call the police should I not respond within a certain time frame. This was during the summer when I had serious problems with my (ex) husband and his family, as they started to stab me in the back, slowly but surely, one by one. They have hearts of gold and are stupendous individuals. I can only ever repay them with gratitude. I am so blessed to know them.

One more person I’d like to thank at this time is the Beautiful Americana Injustica. She always manages to make me laugh when I need a good old chuckle, as this lady does not mince her words! The cards she created for Max and I are fabulous.

I apologise for anyone I’ve missed out. It’s not intentional. Max is calling and I have so to dash. It’s all about him you see. I’m just a being who is at his beck and call.

Much love to you all. ❤

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5 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Hi, Persia,
    I see I’ve already “liked” this post. Well, I just read it again, and I want to commend you for sticking to your goals. I absolutely know it’s not always easy. About Max thinking it’s all about him…good for him! I have no doubt he has a good mommy!


    • Thanks for your lovely comment James. It has been hard, but I’m almost there. As for Max, he is so demanding! Spoilt rotten, it’s my own fault. I guess it stems from the poverty he was born into (due to his father). I’m determined to make sure he never goes without. As a single parent, I try to be the best mother and father I can be for him.
      I hope all is well with you my friend. x


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