Is He Yours?


As you can see, my son is considerably lighter than myself. In fact, he is a lot lighter than me. I hate bringing up the subject of colour, as it really grinds me. (Although I have somewhat contradicted myself due to my blog title!). But before “she’s racist!” comes up, please know this ~ my first husband *Matt is half White English; half Persian/Iranian. Then there was *Steve, Max’s father whom I married by proxy, who is White American (well, his family from his father’s side has a mixed bloodline).

So what happened to Max?

Why have I mentioned this?

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Because I keep getting looks as if I have stolen my baby or something. Sometimes, they look me up and down, then do the same to my son. When people are bold enough, even to this day, in both the UK and (mainly in the) US, they ask “Is he yours?”.

I have been tempted many times to say “No, I just took him from the local hospital because I felt like it” to see their reaction. And whilst this happens in real life, causing a lot of heartache, therefore, really isn’t funny at all, I have considered it.


Here he is with my baby sister during summer 2014. Although the image is black and white, you can see just how ‘pale’ he is.

None of the images in this post has been lightened or adjusted in any way.

I was told by his doctor that he would get darker when he was six months old. It hasn’t happened, and there are no signs of it happening. He’s now two years old.

So yes, he is my son, and I wouldn’t change anything about him. Although many are still not convinced, this is clearly not my problem.

Isn’t there something else these people could be getting on with in their lives?

Just saying…

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15 thoughts on “Is He Yours?

  1. My children also did not darken as expected. But we are the same color, so I get double takes on their foreign names, rather than their skin.
    Many families in their father’s country have the same parents and yet the children end up every shade possible. I find it odd that people expect differently in the West.


    • Exactly. I’ve even explained to some, that his father is white, yet they still look confused, which then confuses me! It happens,don’t they know this?! I guess for some, they really have nothing better to do.

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  2. Persia, I must share this. My 8 year old granddaughter is multiracial. When they were little, and I would take her and my same age son, places together, I got a lot of stares… Oh the temptation to just say “they’re twins”, and let people wonder! Max is beautiful💙

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  3. The next time someone asks me “who’s baby is that?” I will respond by saying “I don’t know I found her in the hospital nursery, but shhh, please don’t tell anybody” then I’ll grab my little biracial daughter and run! Thanks for the idea Persia!
    Btw: Max is as handsome as his name!
    Much love!

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  4. People can still be so ignorant about race and color. You’d think most people were past all that, but unfortunately it still exists. But, since you brought it up, Max definitely look African American to me. Yes, he is light, but he still looks black, and absolutely adorable at that ! Skin color shouldn’t matter so much, it’s a trait, like eye color. Just enjoy your son and ignore all the dumb questions that aren’t anyone’s business anyway,

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    • They really can be ignorant. I class Max as ‘mixed race’ because, well, that is what he is! I do not see him as black or white, but as both. This is what I am teaching him too. And that he should be proud to be a part of both. Speaking of eye colour, he was born with green eyes. Can you image how much worse people were then, until his eyes changed to brown?
      I have to travel with his birth certificate to prove I’m his mother when we fly – especially when he was a baby. Oh my, I was told “It’s a good thing you have his certificate”! Wow. Would they have taken him if I hadn’t? 😦
      Anyway, you’re right; it is none of their business. Thank you for your comment. ❤

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