He Said What?!


“Women are nothing but machines for producing children.”

~ Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), French Military and Political Leader

Um, dream on, Mister!

It is very interesting to see how times and views (in some cases) have really changed. Maybe it’s because I am independent, that I am still shocked by quotes/comments like this; just like I am with the fact that my (ex) husband *Steve actually thought I was going to let him chill out at home, whist I worked my ass off. It really shouldn’t surprise me, as although younger than me, he had the same views as Napoleon. He actually thought I was going to have another child for him straight away. By this, I mean I would have had two children under the age one. Er, no… I don’t think so.

I think proof is in the pudding, as he had a child with his current girlfriend, when our son Max was only a year old.

Anyway, I have my wonderful little boy, but I’m no baby machine.

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7 thoughts on “He Said What?!

  1. Don´t pick on poor Napoleone, he was a midget ( although he did conquer half of the planet) so he probably have child issues since girls would pick on him when he was little. No wonder he turned out to be such ruthless yet brilliant military tactician. But he has issues…..


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