Sociopath Hell

“They don’t even love themselves, how do you think they will ‘love’ the next person?” ~ Sociopath Life


I think I am going to change the name of my website to Sociopath Hell!

The reason for this is, when we are with a Narcissistic Sociopath, and even when we get away from them we are still living in a Sociopath Hell. There is an invisible inertia they create that draws us to them initially. And even we when walk away, or have been Discarded,  that invisible inertia still pulls us to them via our thoughts. 

When day in and day out you cannot move forward with your life, when you cannot maintain No Contactwhen your head is spinning with questions of WHY?? You find yourself constantly crying, missing the Sociopath, nothing at all makes sense, that is Sociopath Hell. There are no words I can say that will magically make all the hurt, anger, disappointment, loss of who you once were

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