It Only Took a Couple of Months

I came across this article a little while ago. It reminded me of my own experiences, and made me realise even more-so, that had I not made the decision to leave my abusive (ex) husband when I did, I would have been the in same position as this unfortunate young lady.

Mitchell managed to get into the bathroom and attacked his partner of just a couple of months.

Can you imagine the fear she felt? No matter what disagreement has taken place, no-one deserves what she endured. After I read the reason behind it, I was even more sickened.

The detective said the row started after a night in the pub about whether to spend their money on more alcohol or buy a takeaway.

How well do you really know someone? Whether you have been dating the person for two months or two years, they can turn on you at any time. I had no idea *Steve was capable of doing what he did to our son and I. He was and no doubt, still is a monster in disguise, trying to act like a moral and ethical person, which he clearly is not.

Abuse is rife in our society. It rears its ugly head in different forms ~ whether physical or not. Physical is the one that stands out the most because scars are visible. But I happen to know from experience, that it is the scars one cannot see which hurt the most. They also take the longest to recover from.

This young lady didn’t even stand a chance…

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8 thoughts on “It Only Took a Couple of Months

  1. I winced as I read the article, because I heard all the dissenters hissing in the background somewhere in the world asking “Why would she choose someone like this?” instead of “How could someone do that to someone who loved them?” As if that makes it okay, their denial, so they can stay in their bubble and lie to themselves that it couldn’t happen to anyone they knew, much less themselves. As is there is something wrong with us that got us trapped there. None of us every expect this to happen, and when it did, we were not equipped to battle the devil when they revealed themselves to us. Some of fared better than others, some of us were mercilessly slaughtered only to have the reaction be of victim blaming and a sickening lack of response or compassion or love or kindness or mercy or anything akin to the presence of humanity.

    I have a horrible time with stories involving stabbings in domestic violence fatalities. My ex had a liking to having knives hidden all over the house. When the block started getting empty, I had to search them out, because this meant there were no safe rooms for me. i found knives in the bedroom, tucked away inside the mattress where he had cut holes just big enough in the seams to fit the biggest part of the blade through. On shelves, On window sills. Under the edge of carpet by the walls. Behind and under furniture. Only the smallest ones were left out in the open.

    I have had knives waved in my face, pointed at my neck, held straight to my throat. Every time I read one of these horrible stories, I think about that day he almost ended my life with a butcher knife. An incident that didn’t fully play out, because of ONE chance event, One small thing that had it been absent, you never would have met me. The neighbors came home. From out of town. They weren’t supposed to, but later she said she felt like she needed to be there. Her slamming the door startled him and knocked the knife off course into the side of the cart the block was on. Less than two feet from my chest.

    I still have nightmares. I watch people like a hawk when they have knives out. If I can manipulate, I make them let me put them away.

    we don’t need reminders or verifications or validation of what would have happened to us.

    We bear the emotional scars and the memories that sometimes we can’t ever escape. Sometimes the monster follows us out the door. We just don’t notice it at first.

    Love you and so glad you got out and I was able to meet you.. you will never know.


    • Amy, my wonderful friend. It’s taken me quite a while to respond as at first, I did not know how to respond to your comment. The thing is, I still don’t. I cannot express how sorry I am that you endured what you did. I could feel every word I read. I wish somehow, I had the ability to take your pain away. Love you and am glad I met you too. You’ve been such a great support to me. I am eternally grateful. Stay strong. xoxo

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      • Love, I think no matter what each of us has been through, when we read things like that that others endured, even though we understand the suffering, we never fully know how to respond to it. All we can do is let each other know we care about each other and that we also have gratitude that others were able to get out. I almost didn’t. You almost didn’t. But for me, it’s more difficult emotionally to handle what happened to you, and it’s harder for me to respond to things you share, because I can’t bear others enduring that… and because mine feels like so much less because it became typical behavior in the household. I imagine it would be similar for you as well. Right?

        So don’t worry that you don’t know the “right thing” to say. Just be supportive like you are. As long as it comes from your heart, it’s perfect for me, and I appreciate you. ❤

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      • We’ve been through a lot; but together, we will push forward. I really appreciate you too – more than I can show. You are such a wonderful being. ❤


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