For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us Part

Domestic Abuse/Violence must to stop. Period.

My son would have witnessed his father doing the same thing to me, and more, had I stayed with him. He would have probably witnessed my death too:

“They saw him hitting her and they saw him strangling her and the only they could do was just sit there and cry,” Horton said.

This is why it is imperative to get children out of such a situation:

The couple’s three children, ages 12, 14 and 18, had been witnesses to the ongoing violence, Horton said.

Unfortunately, the children’s mother did not want to break up the family despite the violence.

A decision that would ultimately, cost her greatly – with her life.

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12 thoughts on “For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us Part

  1. I’m a proponent of long term relationships, and trying to stick it out through the hard times. But abusive situations are ones where I draw the line. No one should ever have to endure abuse.

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    • I totally agree with you. I feel so sorry for the children. How will they cope knowing their father killed their mother? I mean, any type of abuse is bad, but I just want to hug those children/teenagers, and let them know everything is going to be alright. This really breaks my heart.

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