You have been silently isolated from your friends/family because the Sociopath demands (is exhausting) most, if not all of your time and attention. ~ Sociopath Hell


When you read the word ‘discounts‘ you probably are thinking….discount on a tangible item. That is not the discount I will be talking about in this article.

How did we ‘discount‘ our self to the Sociopath?? After the honeymoon phase, and their real personality came out, you started to be discounted. You wanted sex, answer could be: “why do you always want sex, why is that all you think about etc.”? So you ‘discount‘ that to ‘well maybe they are tired, not in the mood‘ or whatever ‘discount’ you gave them. You decided you wanted to eat at a particular place, nope! You were given a list of reasons/excuses why ‘we can’t go there, why do you always pick that place, I don’t like the food {yet during the honeymoon they had no problem with it}. So you ‘

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