The Perfect Narcissist.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Lucky Otters Haven

In order to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) a person must meet at least five of the nine criteria specified in the DSM. Most narcissists do not meet all 9.

Brian Blackwell, a young man who murdered both his parents and then callously left their bodies behind to take a trip to New York City with his girlfriend, met all 9 criteria. Here is his story.

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Narcissist.

  1. I read this, and I have to say that she has a ‘tab’ for ‘curing NPD’. We ALL know there is ‘NO CURE’, no therapy, no pills, no fairy dust to ‘cure’ these horrific individuals.


    • I definitely do not think there is a cure nor anything of the like for these sick individuals. I do however, think the video highlights the lengths these ‘beings’ will go to. I mean, this Brian guy is just so…. wrong. So… I can’t find the right words…


      • I agree…the video truly did highlight the lengths that some Narcissist will go to. However, I also believe {not knowing him/family etc} that there is some Psychopath in conjunction with the Narcissism? There are no words Persia when trying to explain the bizarre/hurtful/hatefulness of these vile individuals. xx

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