Can a Sociopath Change?

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15 thoughts on “Can a Sociopath Change?

  1. They are evil incarnate straight from Satan’s lair. Since they have no empathy, sympathy nor do they feel guilt or shame sometimes I think they are the products of the fallen angels (demons) spoken of in the Holy Bible.

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      • I’m not one but I’m close and I was with one… I could feel him changing. He could feel himself changing. He did not like it. The connection terrified us both.


      • I am not sure what you mean when you say you are not one, but are close. From my experiences, you are or you aren’t. As for your ex partner, I cannot say how he felt; I just know that Sociopaths destroy peoples lives which is totally unacceptable.

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      • People with my disorder share traits with sociopaths. He does destroy lives. Totally unacceptable. I’ve done my share of destruction as well… The biggest difference is that my destruction is based on a self created list of “deserving” offenses where as he will just step on anyone to get what he wants. We had a connection, a spark, one that burned too strong to possibly survive. We both softened during our time together. People with psychological problems are often drawn together.


      • I have noticed that people are using ‘Psychological problems’ as an excuse to behave in a disgusting manner. To make excuses for their destruction. I have to wonder… If one can self diagnose or self confess/admit, that they are indeed a sociopath, psychopath and/or narcissist… are they really?
        Have a great day.

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