Lies & Truth


11 thoughts on “Lies & Truth

    • Yep. This is what they do. Your experience, all be it a horrible one, does not surprise me. My ex-narc-husband tagged in just shy of one hundred people on Facebook, to let them know that we were over because I was abusive. Because I beat HIM. LMAO. How funny his statement was looking back on it. Me: Weak from hunger, isolated, beaten and bruised, losing weight from being denied food, despite being pregnant. Him: 260+ lbs, getting bigger by the day, eating in front of me whilst I am dying for food, wearing new clothes, whilst I wore his hand me downs as he could no longer fit into them, locking me in a windowless bathroom for God knows how long, almost strangling me to death on a number of occasions, putting a pillow over my face to suffocate me during and after my pregnancy (in front of our son), and then some. I wonder who was the abusive one? Can you guess?

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