Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean?!

This is so true!

“Why is it that in today’s society we are so quick to take our frustration out on others?” ~ Insane Roots

Insane Roots

Three times this morning I encountered someone being defensive for absolutely no reason. There was the lady at the gas station who flipped out on the clerk for not having their cigarettes in stock. Granted, I understand this may have been the result of a ‘nic fit’, but is that any excuse to behave like a child and take it out on the innocence person manning the counter? I would have to say no!

Then there was the driver who scowled at me and muttered something under their breath for crossing the street. Yes, I was in the cross walk and yes it was my turn. Apparently my existence was of great inconvenience to them at that time. Again, I understand that there are numerous potential reasons for this person’s behavior, maybe they were running late, but is that my fault? Again, I would have to say no!

Finally, there…

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