Boosting Their Ego



11 thoughts on “Boosting Their Ego

  1. I’ve had it done to me. All relationships gone, disinherited without warning, health took a severe beating, and then this one I was not at all prepared for. My youth and beauty took severe hits. The only thing I managed to hold onto but barely were my few possessions. They too were almost gone and at age 50 when a person has most things in place in life. So now starting over as an older person on almost nothing.

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  2. This is how they get their supply but what’s truly sad about it is they destroy all the relationships the narcissists is aware of through innuendo unbeknownst to the victim, until it’s too late… Pure, unadulterated evil.

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  3. I love your quotes, especially the ones about narcissists – so, I nominated you for an award! Feel free to disregard if you have an “award-free” blog, but I just wanted to show my appreciation. I’m glad that I found your blog and enjoy reading it!

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