Giant Truxx Digger

Maximus Octavian

20160615_175143 (360x640)

Mummy is not a fan of taking Max shopping with her, and here’s why. He must choose something he wants every single time – even when she says no. It started with sweets/candy. Then small toys (namely cars). From there, magazines with toys. And now this.

This gives you an idea of how big it actually is! Luckily, he carried it back from the supermarket by himself. Although to be fair, he was comfortably sat, whilst mummy pushed him around in his buggy.

A message from Max: “Hello everyone! I am not wearing this t-shirt due to the EU Referendum results. It is merely a coincidence. Even though I told mummy a number of times that I did not get a chance to vote, let’s face it, I am to young to do so. I would be very grateful if politics were not brought to my blog. Thank you!…

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