Just Saying ~ July 4th


F**k me. The whole Brexit thing. I cannot believe friendships have been lost over this, as well as families been torn apart. The insults. The abuse.

Please people, we need to move on. Together. United. ❤


21 thoughts on “Just Saying ~ July 4th

  1. We forget our humanity when so-called leaders use issues to divide. To be frank, even the person you love the most does not agree with you on everything. So, why do we expect that of friends and acquaintances and especially politicians, who are the most imperfect of people as money influences their opinions?


      • We must be civil to one another. That has to be the mantra. And, we must stand up for the rights of others. Civil disobedience is key. Elie Wiesel’s passing this week shows that we must not let intolerance and uncivil behavior dictate.


      • Persia, good question. I think some we can ignore and we should. Some we need to offer a civil retort. One of the best reactive comments to a blowhard is something like “I understand your points, I just don’t agree with them.” Or, when people raise their voice or use labels, “My grandmother told me that the more someone shouts or name calls, the worse their argument.”

        My boss would diffuse people with something like “My daddy used to tell me not to pee down someone’s leg, but don’t let them pee down mine either.”

        The answer to your question is it is hard and an art to push back on jerks. I have done it well and I have done it poorly. And, I have just disengaged with them.

        Best wishes on all fronts, Keith


      • Keith, you are a smart, wise man. I enjoy reading your comments. In most cases, I agree with what you say; whilst in others, I think “Ooh, I didn’t think of it like that”. Thank you.


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