Positive Quote of the Day ~ July 23rd


Have a blessed day all. ❤


13 thoughts on “Positive Quote of the Day ~ July 23rd

  1. Happy Saturday, Persia! So true…and that is the lesson I learn from my cats: some days it’s nice to just enjoy doing nothing, letting the inactivity to “recharge one’s batteries”. I even slept in this morning, something I rarely so, yet I woke up refreshed and grateful my body decided when I should get up, not some culturally-determined time that suggests I am not a slug-a-bed!

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    • Happy Saturday to you too! Aaah, a lie-in. I miss those… Glad you’re feeling refreshed. What a fab way to start the weekend. Your cats are just too cute. Their facial expressions are priceless!
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend. ❤

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      • That I am! And, yes, the kitty boys are like children the way they telegraph their feelings and thoughts through body language. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, too!

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