Finally, I am Going to Say Something…


Here’s my two-pence worth.

Firstly, I am for immigration. I have a very dear friend who is originally from Bangladesh. One of my son’s Godmother’s is Vietnamese. Other friends are French, Greek, Dominican, Barbadians/Bajans, American and so forth. Hell, my first ex-husband is half white, half Persian. Without immigration, I would not have met these individuals – all who are wonderful in their own unique way. And I sincerely hope all of these people are safe in the UK, and can continue to call my home country their home. Even I would not have been born in jolly ol’ England if my grandparents had not accepted the invitation to relocate from Jamaica.

Secondly, let me explain with a few real life facts – not from the media – as to why I believe Brexit won. Obviously, it was not just based on these facts, but I have spoken to a number of people who voted to Leave, who all voted for personal reasons, and were firm on their decision. Each to their own, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Here, I have included a couple of my own experiences as well as others:

Several years ago, I was unsure if I would be able to keep up with the high rent on my flat/apartment, as I found myself single after an eleven year relationship. Prior to this, I had been involved in a road accident, so had to quit my full time job. I was in excruciating pain just trying to sit up. I had three slipped discs; two in my neck, one at the base of my spine, not to mention, I was suffering from severe whiplash, tunnel-vision and would black-out.

I had two bouts of very painful physiotherapy (eight sessions each), and was told I may never work again. I was thirty-one, going on thirty-two. To cut a long story short, I went to my local council for help, whereby I was faced with a lady with a very strong African accent. I could barely understand her. Anyway, I told her of my situation, and the conversation went as follows:

Staff: “Do you have a British passport?”

Me: “Yes.”

Staff: “Do you have a British birth certificate?”

Me: “Yes”

Staff: “So you’re British?”

Me: “Yes. I was born here, and have been paying taxes since I was seventeen.”

Staff: “We can’t help you.”

So, because I am British in Britain, I had committed a crime, without even knowing I had. I left the room in a daze due to what I had heard, only to see two women speaking another language other than English, being told they will be housed…

A friend of mine could not get help from a system she worked and paid into for over twenty years, when her relationship ended. She has two small children and has to home school them, for she does not know where she will end up.

I’m not sure if I should get started on schools… Another friend of mine cannot get her son into a ‘free’ full-time pre-school place, even though she has paid taxes for years, so has contributed to the system. However, there is a clause that states: ‘…migrant children will be offered a full time place…’. What the heck is this about?

Since my second ex-husband had financially ruined me after I had built myself up (see first point), I do not have as much income as I used to. Designer handbags with matching purses, travelling a lot, etc has ceased. But for the fact (I believe) that I am good with money, and that I have an eye for bargains (see my blog Lady P Vintage), I would not have been able to survive initially. What I do is make sacrifices. One of the sacrifices I make is to feed the homeless when I see them, with money I would have used to buy something for myself.

Now one thing I have noticed, is that the homeless have all been British. Yet, people who can’t even speak English, are living in affordable social housing, looking as if they have never missed a meal. This is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

If my son or I are incredibly sick, more often than not, we have to wait at least two weeks to see a doctor. It used to be the same day, or the next day. A two day wait would be scandalous!  Even the dreaded dentist is a two week or more wait now. Not to mention public transport is so over-crowded and the roads are so thick with traffic, it is better to walk the damn fifty miles. You’d get there quicker – without being squashed like sardines.

Whilst I can see the view of both the Leave and Remain, the British are used to being in a democracy, but in the EU, it seems we are merely puppets on a string, being tugged in directions which was not to our liking. For example, in some cases, if the High Court made a ruling, it could then be taken to the European High Court, whereby more often than not, that said ruling would be overturned. Why is that? How is that fair to the British justice system? I think each country should be able to have their own laws/rules, without the likes of the European High Court interfering.

I am sick and tired of people berating the British for voting leave – especially when they don’t live in Britain (nor have they ever), so know nothing, other than what they have been told by the media. Rather than doing so, although the Referendum was pretty much neck and neck,  perhaps one should stop and think about why a Referendum took place in the first place. Is it not obvious something was terribly wrong? Immigration was top of the list. I believe borders do need to be controlled. Most definitely. If not, then what do you think will happen? I mean, I am British. When I arrived to the UK in 2013, UK Border wanted to send my then twelve week old son back to the US (Click here to see post). Whilst they held my baby back who wasn’t even old enough to stay awake for longer than forty-five minutes, you could see a stream of people who didn’t even speak English entering freely. Not one was stopped. I was furious. Bearing in mind, I was coming from an extremely abusive relationship, and now I had to deal with this crap. How is this fair?

Further more, would you like it, if your country was being dictated to by another? Or by a bunch of so-called Leaders who are only interested in the size of their bank accounts? Remember, these are the same individuals, who will not back down with dictating rather than addressing arising problems, and who are saying that they cannot see a problem in Europe, no matter how much the people say there are. Is this why in less than two years, France has endured four major tragic events – one of which was an eighty-four year old Catholic priest who had his throat slit in a Church a couple of days ago? Is this why Germany has suffered four tragic events in the space of a week also?

Sure, there is the trade side of things (amongst others), but let us be honest; would you rather pay £0.80p for a bag of bananas remaining in the EU (that are disgusting anyway, unlike the really nice ones the UK no longer get from the Caribbean), but you have practically lost your freedom of speech? Or would you rather pay £2.00 for a decent bunch, for which the UK has traded with the country of their choice, and still have the freedom of speech? What do you think is the cost of your freedom? A cheap, low cost flight/holiday? Or a cup so cheaply made in China, it breaks within a couple of days of buying it – just from holding the damn thing?!

 If we remained, it would have been difficult, just like leaving will be difficult too. Either way, a Referendum was held, and the country chose. The British will get through this. We may be known as ‘limeys’and ‘pansies’, but we are tough. You have to take the rough with the smooth, right? I just wish the British were never put in this position in the first place.

I will close at this: If you think the British were foolish, talk to ‘real’ people to find out what is really going on. This will put you on the right path of learning why Vote Leave won. Only then will you will find, the real reasons are truly serious ones.