Mazel Tov!

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Max and I attended our first Jewish wedding yesterday (7th August), with my fabulous friend, Mel B. (And no, I do not mean the one from The Spice Girls!).

20160807_132358 (467x640)

Max looking very handsome indeed, was attired in his new suit.

20160807_153217 (560x640)

It took quite some time to get Max to wear the skullcap/kippot. However, when we did, he refused to let me take a decent picture of it from the back.

20160808_093920 (439x640)

The bride, my friend Sara, converted to Judaism for her love, the lovely George. She looked stunning in her 1950’s wedding dress. The couple looked so happy. It was an absolute pleasure to be present to witness their union.

I sent Sara an email this morning to let her know she has to do the whole day again. The ceremony was that fabulous. The traditional dancing (Max danced his little butt off!), the singing and the breaking of the glass – it was all delightful. ❀

Mazel tov!


12 thoughts on “Mazel Tov!

  1. Persia, you look gorgeous in the photo from the wedding ! I love the dress with its floral pattern, the jewellery is amazing and your hair is so pretty too. And Max looks so cute too in his outfit. I am glad you had a wonderful day, huggs Terri.

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