Sociopaths Feel No Remorse, Guilt or Shame

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6 thoughts on “Sociopaths Feel No Remorse, Guilt or Shame

  1. I still find it hard that I was involved with this nutcase girl, you read the definition of a narcissist sociopath and you see her picture right there in the dictionary. And best of all, she found where I lived! The freak is stalking me, not kidding, even managed to get two guys to come to my apartment door to intimidate me, didn´t work out too good for those two(and what in the world did she tell them for them to be there, go figure) but is just another hassle that I shouldn´t be deealing with. A fucking nutcase this one, real nutcase. Haven´t seen anything like this in my life. Got a court order for her to stay away and the court date is next month, see how that goes. Probably the judge laughing at me thinking what a man is doing putting an order for a woman to stay away from me, but the phone constantly rings, messages all the time, I have to shut the phone off. Plus the added bonus that I have to watch my back when I walk out the door in case this crazy comes at you with a knife, wich she did once, or one of her “Friends” wich she is probably fucking she has a lot of “Friends” for the F Word, comes after me, like the past week where I first called the pólice before heading down the stairs to find the two idiots standing there intimidating me, so one got my foot in his face and by then the pólice was already there thankfully. And what can I do? Being a guy absolutely nothing except take the law into my own hands wich eventually will get me thrown in jail again, and that pisses me off to no end.


    • It is unfortunate she found where you live. They give up at nothing. They want to remind you they still exist, and there is very little you can do to shake them off completely. It is common for them to pop up years later, after you thought you had finally gotten rid of them. Not quite sure what you can do… have you filed a police report?


      • Yes, I got a “restricting order”, the court date is next month, but as the laws are in Spain, the judge will probably laugh at me thinking wat a wussy and she is very manipulative and knows how the system works, wich basically works on the womans favour. My hands are really tied, I´m on probation for two years, so if she somehow makes me do something to defend myself I could easily wind up in jail again. She know that, and she does take advantage of it. Sending guys to intimidate me, that was something. Thankfully I first called the police and waited a little before heading downstairs, I did have the restricting order I filed against her in my pocket for when the police came to show them, but one of the idiots he did try to come after me hence the kick in the face before he got up. And then explaining all that to the police, over half an hour for the police to determine that I was not at fault in this case, thankfully because if not they check my record and I´m heading to jail in the blink of an eye. So I basically have to hide in some cases, or not appear a lot around the town just in case.


      • You sound like you are in a right predicament there. Come to jolly ol’ England, where it is a little dark and wet, as it’s raining. I’ll protect you here. Heh heh…


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