Just Saying ~ August 20th


Yep. Just saying.


6 thoughts on “Just Saying ~ August 20th

  1. I did want to make one comment on this because I know I’ve done things for which I asked for and needed forgiveness. Last year in March 2015 I was hospitalized for nervous exhaustion/extreme stress for two weeks. After returning to work I got into with a girlfriend of mine. I don’t know why I exploded perhaps it was the Haldol and other anti-depressants the hospital gave me but immediately I realized what I did was wrong and asked her for forgiveness. Eventually she did forgive me but we have not been able to discuss the incident. I feel now our friendship is on better ground, we talk, sometimes eat together at work but I must admit we will probably never be as close as before and I have only myself to blame for that. Truly it is all my fault. I regret what I said and did but nothing I do now can every repair or fix past mistakes. I am an idiot.


    • Yes, but in your case, you realised what you did and genuinely apologised for it. This is not the case for everyone. Many have empty apologies and those are the ones where one feels they cannot trust that person again. On a separate note, I am sorry you were in hospital, however, I am glad that your friend forgave you. Love P. x

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  2. Thanks! Being in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn was a horrible experience that I don’t wish to repeat and I would not wish a stay at this torture chamber on my worst enemy. I am glad that my girlfriend and I were able to renew our relationship. That’s the good part.


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