Day Off

20160824_122859 (408x640)


20160824_123119 (425x640)


20160824_123327 (640x360)


Catching up with my blogs and comments. I wonder how long this will last for, and how much work I will actually get done.

(I hate using the mouse pad on my laptop. Does anyone else need to use a mouse, or am I just old school?)

Have a fabulous day folks!


28 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. I like a mouse if I am playing a game other than that I use the mouse pad. Just personal preference. Enjoy the lovely day it looks like you are having!


  2. I use a mouse on my laptop, too…I just plug it in to the USB port and click happily away. You’re definitely not the only one who hates trying to use the dinky little laptop pad, LOL


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