Narcissistic Parents



23 thoughts on “Narcissistic Parents

  1. That is not true in my case. I am the golden child. It took 37 years, but I’ve awakened and I’m doing everything in my power to not be like my dad. I even talked to my sister for about an hour yesterday about our youth. I’m sorry to post this on your blog, but I simply don’t agree with that quote.

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  2. We should all be aware that, where narcissists are concerned, the rule book counts for nothing. What is true for one family with at least one narcistic parent won’t be true for all. Persia, I wish you every success in the future filled with love and peace xoxo

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  3. My sister (in my adopted family) is the “Golden Child,” and is definitely every bit as toxic as the “Mommie Dearest.” They have the perfect, co-dependent relationship – and it’s sad to see that her kids are suffering for it.


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