The Reason For So Many Typos


The moment when one realises the reason for so many typos… Look at my natural nails! I may have to use the rubber/eraser end of two pencils to type, if I let my nails grow any longer! Not sure why they are so neat; I do not file them, nor do I use polish. The most I do is cut them, but they seem to grow back super fast. Hmm…


15 thoughts on “The Reason For So Many Typos

  1. They look like mine! LOL. I don’t file mine either nor do I polish them. I can hardly type if I break one off (which I did the other day.) It makes them kittywampus….and it’s always the middle one! (Not from flipping anybody off.) 🙂

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  2. They’re very pretty. You’re lucky. Mine are super thin and peel and separate unless I wear them very short. I do paint them though.


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