Positive Quote 10.10

c774650b7d3f8345b3332e23c463a26d (457x640).jpg

I know sometimes, it is easier said than done.


7 thoughts on “Positive Quote 10.10

  1. Nearly impossible. You’d have to live like a hermit in a cave in order to do this. For me I’d have to quit my job where I’m surrounded by masses of negativity. Obviously I can’t afford to do that. All I can do is try to defend myself against the crazies who try to pick fights with me. I’d also have to give up traveling on the subway. Almost every day there is a fight, argument or some sort of violence on the trains. No way to get around this because I must ride the subway to and from work, doctors, dentists, etc…. No escape.


    • I understand, but I think this quote is more along the lines of personal friends. One cannot choice who they meet or who they work with, and so forth, but one can say whom they wish to stay in their lives.


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