Surgery Complete


Thankfully, it went well yesterday.

Now the anaesthesia has worn off, I am experiencing some pain, but I am trying to grit my teeth and get on with it. The surgeon was not impressed with me that I had not arranged for someone to collect Max from preschool, but instead, was going to pick him up myself. I am supposed to take it easy as it will take approximately two to four weeks to heal. Thing is, I had not seen my son since 6.40 am that morning, and was missing him real bad. I told the surgeon that I was up and about just one day after I had a caesarean, so I will be fine. Besides, what he does not know, is that my ex-husband smacked me about just a few days after – so much so, I thought the stitches from the caesarean had burst. If I can survive that level of excruciating pain, I can survive this. I do understand and appreciate his concerns though.


With swollen knees, these are the fabulously fashionable (not!) socks I have to wear for two to four weeks to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Unfortunately, none of my clothing covers this amount of ugly!

Anyway, I hope everyone is OK.

Love P. x


43 thoughts on “Surgery Complete

  1. Glad to know you’re out of surgery, and that it went well! Recuperation takes time, and so, take it easy and things will be back to normal in due course. BTW, only those who mean well, will feel concerned, but those who are mean, feel threatened – get well soon! 🙂


      • It is hard for the average person to find a balance in their lives between looking after themselves and dealing with what life throws at them. When you add health challenges into the mix it becomes a juggling act while walking a tightrope. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Rather than seeing it as failing, look for those tiny victories. And also take the time to do what you need to for yourself. Even if it is to sit with your feet up and have a cup of tea (or whatever) and relax for a few minutes. (((((hugs))))),


      • Wonderful advice. Thank you so much for your comment. I do find I am in competition… with myself. I am relaxing now, as I think I have made matters worse by moving around too much. The pain has increased, and it took for this to happen, before I had to admit the surgeon was right. ❤

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      • I am glad you are resting but sorry you are in more pain. I totally understand though. I took a tumble yesterday and am really feeling it today. Take care of yourself (((((hugs)))))


  2. Awwww! I’m glad you got through it successfully, and I’m sure you will do just fine while you heal. I’ve followed your blog long enough to know you are “Tough Stuff”, a very strong and focused person. What does your surgeon know about that?


    • Thank you for your kind words and support. My surgeon is a lovely guy, but he is not aware that I am built like an ox (so to speak). I am wayyyy to independent to listen to anyone telling me to rest up and take it easy! I know he meant well, but I cannot. I have a three year old toddler (going on 16 as he tells me), so I have to keep moving! How about sending Andy and Dougy over to help me out for a bit? 😀


  3. Hang in there, my dear girl. You do have to get up and keep moving but don’t over do it either. Let Max help as much as he can. It will do him good to know he’s helping his mom.


    • Max is always telling me “I’m not happy until you get better, mummy. You’ll be OK soon”. He’s too cute for words. Today, I walked 2 miles and and in pain. I think I’ll leave it a little while before I do that again. Thank, Leslie. x

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  4. Persia, I hope you take all the time you need to recover. Nothing is more important than that. Let your Little Angel help you out with all the small stuff he can do. Sending you healing hugs((❤)).


  5. Wishing you healing thoughts. When I wore the ugly compression socks I use to wear different color knee hi’s over them. Now I get the color compression socks. They’re not as tight as the ones the vascular doctors want you to wear but they do the job and can’t wait to take them off.


  6. Them is some pretty bad looking knees….SO WHAT, go buy a drawstring skirt from Good Will, be a hippy AND FOR PETE’s Sake (Who is pete anyway) TAKE some pain meds…what are you a saint? ALSO, you may be able to handle the pain but can your son watch you in pain and not cringe? Lay down, put your feet up and have Max….is that is name? he sure is cute….anyway have him make you a cheese sandwich and You will BOTH be happy. xxx ooo dru

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    • Lol, “Who’s Pete?” – you are funny! I cannot be a hippy! I’ a 1950’s vintage style enthusiast, and these socks and swollen knees are cramping my style! 😀
      Oh my, I’m being told off… time for me to take the meds I think! Yes, my son’s name is Max. He is looking after me, by checking my temperature, telling me to drink water, and to go to sleep. All whilst reassuring me that I will get better soon! Pahaha, “almost friend”. Thanks for your lovely, funny and putting me in my place comment. You made my day. x

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