Just Saying 26.10



6 thoughts on “Just Saying 26.10

  1. Indeed, especially when first getting to know someone. If a person speaks badly of another early on, then this is a tell tale sign of someone who is not going to be loyal to you behind your back either. We all talk to friends about a bad day at work with a boss or other gripes with other things, so that’s not to be frowned upon, its healthy to let off steam, but I am always cautious about someone I hardly know gossiping about another, in fact, it makes my heckles go up immediately and once they are up, it will take a lot to come down x

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    • I hear you, and agree with you 100%. It reminds me of my ex husband, slagging off everyone when we first met – HUGE RED FLAG! I’m just glad I didn’t participate. Thank you for your comment.

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