How to Make Pea & Mint Soup


Purchase a tin/can of the said soup.


Pour contents into a bowl, and warm in the microwave.


Honestly, I have no time to cook all of my meals from scratch, as much as would love to. Max has lunch at preschool Monday to Friday, although he is more than welcome to eat a second lunch when he gets home. He usually asks for toast or cereal if he is a bit peckish. In addition, he has the contents of his snack box to eat, which consists of fruit and cheese. During this time, I am too lazy to cook for one, so opt for tinned soup in the colder months. And boy, there is a great range!

Who thought I was really going to make it from scratch?!


11 thoughts on “How to Make Pea & Mint Soup

  1. Actually, pea and mint soup sound yummy! Add a little chopped fresh mint to it, and no one will know the source was a tin! LOL! I’m sure it was tasty just the same. My favorite winter soup is tomato soup that I’ve put bite-sized chunks of tamales in. Since homemade tamales aren’t always available, those that come in a tin work well enough. (The soup is tinned soup, of course, since I don’t have fresh tomatoes either this time of year.) The whole mess is heated in the microwave, of course!

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  2. I have never heard of such a thing….pea and mint soup? That has the potential to be either really, really good…or really, really bad. LOL
    I’d be willing to give it a shot,though. 🙂


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