Presents for Sick Children


Could someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with some people? I mean, how do these ‘individuals’ sleep at night?

Believe me, I have been at the point of despair as I have been homeless and hungry (in winter, whilst pregnant), but this thought would never cross my mind. Although the article does not say it was anything to do with someone in such a situation, I’m just pointing out that if this were the case regarding the person(s) who took these items, it is still not a good enough excuse. In fact, no excuse is.

For sick children? From a hospital? Grrr…


18 thoughts on “Presents for Sick Children

  1. This sort of thing seems to happen with more frequency every year, unfortunately, and “sick” is definitely the word for the behaviour. Sure, it makes me angry, but I try to concentrate on the fact that many more folks engage in the giving.


    • You’re right. I just don’t understand it. I like your approach to it though. I think as bad as it is, it’s good to concentrate on the positive side of things.


  2. I have no idea but it’s a sad truth. I never knew you had been in that situation… that’s awful *hugs*
    I hope you’ve been well 🙂


    • I don’t like talking about it, which is why there has been a shift in what I post on my blog. It’s too depressing to keep writing about my personal experiences all the time. Thanks for the hugs, my friend. I’ve been OK. Hope you have too. xoxo


  3. I can never understand stealing from the hopeless. Stealing from anyone is wrong, but to target a person in such a hopeless situation is a new kind of low for humanity. We just discovered recently that some members of the government here stole millions of shillings that were meant to buy food and medicine for HIV-positive people that can barely afford food for themselves which makes taking the medicines a lot harder. How does one live with this on there conscience?


    • Neither can I. I felt useless when I came across the ‘article’. I wish I could replace the losses. Saddened by the second part of your comment; I too, have often wondered how they fair with their conscience. I keep hoping and praying mankind will change for the better, but it hasn’t happened yet unfortunately.

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    • Very disturbing. I’m still angry about it, even though it does not affect me directly. I wish I had £3,000 to give to the hospital. Could you imagine doing such a thing? I mean… GRRRRR!


      • It does affect all decent people directly, if just as an affront to decency. One hopes never to be around such people, yet we probably know people capable of such a thing. I worked with someone decades ago, for example, whose husband stole the family Christmas tree from a local seller of Christmas trees. I asked her how she could feel comfortable with a stolen Christmas tree, to which she said she didn’t and never could. She tried to get her husband to return it, he abused her, then…! She eventually divorced him, married someone with much better morals.


      • Wow. How low can one get? Just because she was trying to get him to do the right thing, he did that to her? 😠 Thankfully she left him and ended up better off. Some people…


  4. People have no conscience anymore. This is a world of “instant gratification” and if you can’t get it on your own, you take it from somebody else. I hope there is a special place in Hell for these folks.


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