Yeah, I Have No Shame


From £59.02 to £6.30.

The moment you pray the supermarket/grocery store you shop with online regularly, does not tell you to get lost for being so thrifty!!


10 thoughts on “Yeah, I Have No Shame

  1. Trying to grow up and be just like Queen Persia!!!! That is my kind of shopping…lolz I need to make a commitment to couponing at least once, but the art is so elusive.


      • There are quite a number of those around. I searched for a while before finding one to suit me. Like you, I didn’t want one where I get money off things I can’t afford; I wanted money off my grocery shopping! If you’re in the US, I have no idea where to begin looking. All I can suggest is that you check out various sites to see what they have on offer. Hopefully, you’ll come across one which suits you.

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